How to Structure a Marketing Plan

When you look at the plain definition of marketing, it is likely to get a little blurry. The reason for this being, it tends to overlap other core values and disciplines that a business should follow. Some of these disciplines may include PR and advertising.

 With all this being said, though, marketing is whatever effort you put for your business to attract and maintain customers. Social media plays a huge role in this nowadays. Most small businesses structure their marketing plans around social media platforms.

Social media can easily be defined as platforms that aid you in engaging with the general public that would, on most occasions, be out of reach. With the vast growth of social media and its intake, it would only be wise to incorporate it into your small business.

Not forgetting that over two hundred million users are lurking through social media every day, with each taking roughly two to three hours, give or take, to go through social media. That is a substantial amount of time to engage a potential client.

 Apply an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing communications is a strategic, elite, promotional, and collaborative way to use the marketing tool. The reason being, using the internet’s algorithm, this particular marketing function ensures to target the right audience and sends them persuasive and consistent brand messages.

 You are messaging potential clients using different marketing channels in ways that are integrated to ensure small businesses use every available tool for marketing their business. To develop an integrated marketing strategy for your business, you need to ensure that you follow some of the core steps when going about it.

So, for you to create and apply a well-integrated marketing strategy to kickstart your business’ success, you should consider starting by; identifying various marketing and communication tools and methods, developing a good marketing and communication strategy, comprehending the client’s decision-making process, and finally implementing your laid out plan. 

Create a Winning Strategy

Your business’s marketing strategy is a very important aspect of your business. It lets you view all possible angles that you need to evaluate before you start running your business. In addition to that, it gives you guidelines when running the business.

 Focusing on what matters in your business is also a factor to consider. Some of these being sales and promotions. Laying out an efficient marketing strategy will help you have all these in mind about your business.

In other words, a marketing strategy is just your business’s game plan. Your marketing strategy should be inclusive of your value proposition. A value proposition consists of the features incorporated that aim to make your product or service attract the customer in-depth.

 When you consider this, it means you have laid out promises already for your future clients, and you need to stick to your word to maintain a good relationship with them.

 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is quite a broad term. With the use of mobile devices, people can easily access information about your business. Having the right digital marketing strategy is therefore very crucial to your business.

 One of the reasons a good digital marketing strategy is critical to your business is that it exposes your business to your target audience. The current market continues to become more and more competitive, and for one to stand out, they would have to really up their game, especially when it comes to marketing, and in this case, digital marketing.

 By taking advantage of how much we all use our mobile devices such as computers, tablets, and phones, you can reach so many potential buyers through ads. These ads go to the lengths of reaching someone who is only playing a game on their phone.

 The other way digital is helpful is how easy it is to evaluate your success rate. Unlike old methods of knowing how many individuals you have reached through your marketing strategy because you do not know, let’s say, how many people bought, read, or even viewed your ad in the newspaper despite buying or reading the paper.

 With digital marketing, you can see how many people you have reached with your Instagram post or Facebook post or ads on either of the above digital marketing tool. This aids you in strategizing and re-strategizing when one method seems not to work.


As much as every tool may have its downsides, in this time and age, social media and the digital market as a whole has too much to offer when it comes to helping your business grow. The secret is constantly researching as the internet is constantly changing and evolving. For your business to keep up, you may require you to mutate along with the current market tools available.

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