How To Successfully Manage Your B2B Online Community

The B2B buyer journey has changed. Whereas it used to start with a click on an email or a Google link in an article, the majority now comes from one of the most important digital marketing streams in the world: social media.

In 2022 alone, as much as 93% of US marketers utilise social media for marketing purposes. Bearing in mind that the share stood at 86.2% in 2013, this is a giant leap that demonstrates just how important social media is to build a strong business.

That being said, social media is not just an avenue for marketing. It is, in a way, an entire online world where you and your customers can interact. As mentioned before, the buyer journey has changed. Now, the entire journey can take place on a social media platform, with the ability to not only engage that customer with content but keep them loyal through constant communication and complete transparency. 

This isn’t easy, however. No company can hope to fully utilise the capabilities of social media without a strategy in place to manage the community you build. 

The Casting Of The Net

Of course, it will start with that initial casting of the net – utilising social media for advocacy, in the knowledge that you will reach a source of untapped customers, all of whom are ready to be converted. 

In this case, you are essentially spreading the word about your company and why people should invest in it. It is important, then, that you work out how to build a strong story that will relate to people and make them see the humanistic side of your company. 

Your employees are important too. If you choose to utilise a strong social media management platform, you will get an example of just how much further an advocate social media post reaches compared to a corporal feed. 

For this reason, you must motivate and give your employees a reason to spread the word and get others invested in the goals you are attempting to reach.

Tools For Customer Immersion

Next up, you need the right tools to create a strong, exciting customer experience on your socials. One of the best tools ensures that every mention, comment and direct message is united in one inbox, which is important if you are juggling a number of different platforms. 

This is about having socials that will give your clients quick, definitive answers, which will be impossible if certain mentions or comments are getting lost in a separate sector of the internet. Another good tool will allow you to monitor keywords, mentions, and discussions, ensuring that you are always involved in what your community is discussing. 

It’s also important to keep your customer service strong as a B2B company. A connection to your customer support team – without leaving the platform – will allow you to quickly assign your social conversations and ensure your community is catered for wherever they are. 

None of this will be achievable, however, without the right social media management tools, so make sure you look into this before you begin work on building your perfect online community.

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