How to Survive in The Technical Interview- Technical Coaching

Interview Kickstart’s technical coaching experts have motivated thousands of candidates to apply for technical positions without stressing their capability and believing in themselves. However, soon, the Tech Interview coaching experts realized, applying for tech positions is not enough. The reason is that candidates find themselves stuck during technical interviews because they couldn’t focus on what has been asked? And how to answer? If you are one such candidate, this guide on technical interview survival tips will help you break through the new opportunities for yourself as a technological intellect. 

The Interview Happens In Stages

Technical Interview coaching primarily focuses on preparing candidates for the final round. But is it enough? The answer is no. Candidates must understand that to reach the final round. They must understand its chronology. That’s right! First-round for a technical interview is typically a phone screen. It means that the company has shortlisted you, but before they invite you to premises, they desire to talk shortly on a phone call/skype call to look out for enthusiasm in you. 

The second round is a remote coding interview where you are given a coding assignment which displays your coding capacity and ability to handle technically complex situations. Finally, a final round takes place for which all parameters matter, such as intellect, body language, active listening, well-constructive responses, and so on. 

“Tell Me About Yourself.”

As the Interview Kickstart LinkedIn connections have experienced, “tell me about yourself” is one question that is mostly asked. However, scarce candidates answer it with a sense of benefit. For example, an unprepared candidate will tell his name, address, qualifications, and whatnot. However, a prepared candidate will always begin by explaining his/her achievements. And that’s the loophole to a successful technical interview that everyone misses upon. 

Programming Language That You Can Excel At!

More often than not, potential candidates for technical interviews focus on proving themselves as multi-skilled. For example, candidates out of overconfidence say that they are good at 2-3 programming languages. But, this tactic backfires as interviewers may ask you to perform right away. And it is sporadic when an engineer holds a tight grip on multiple programming languages. Thus, it is better to practice and excel at a single programming language that you keenly understand and are good at. The reason being, companies desire to hire a person who is good at one job, not multiple jobs with average skills. 

Practice Open-Ended Questions

Tech Interview coaching at Interview Kickstart offers hundreds of open-ended questions and scenarios for candidates to prepare for the best and the worst. Open-ended questions are those questions where you are required to paraphrase your answer as per your understanding and real-time situation-handling skills. If you answer open-ended questions with yes or no, the interviewer will cross-mark your name right away because you will not meet their workplace level. 

Kickstart Tech Interview Coaching promotes online elementary coaching for candidates trying to grasp the IT sector’s best job opportunities. 

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