How To Take The Headache Out Of App Development

Person using a smartphone

Over the last decade, the pressure has been on businesses to provide digital and remote ways of communicating and sharing content with their customer base. 

It’s easy to guess that the pandemic accelerated this need; since 2016, smartphone usage has grown annually by an average of 10.4%. 

With more people using smartphones in their everyday life, it makes sense for that digital communications and content delivery to come through an app.

The thought of developing an app for a smartphone can be pretty overwhelming for the average business so let us walk you through it.

So Why Have An App?

Apps have the power to bring your business right to the hands of your customers via their smartphones or tablet.

Businesses can use apps to add value to their customer base in many different ways. Coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa have utilized apps to encourage customer loyalty, offer rewards and pre-order drinks in-store.

Suppose something like that is not viable for your business. In that case, there are many other options to create an app focusing on specialized content in your industry or providing customers with access to their account information.

No business is too small for a smartphone or tablet app, with a gap in the market for most content. Even those with existing apps can benefit from a professional or external review.

Can I Hire Someone Full Time?

In short, yes. But hiring one person to produce the work required by a whole team will not give your business a worthy application and could even damage the reputation.

Building an application suitable for businesses requires an entire team working on the front-end (design), back-end (functionality), security, and testing. Asking this of one person will likely result in an app strong in some of these areas but weaker in others.

Customers care about their data and how you use their information. With security breaches rising and costing businesses millions of dollars, developers need to use code and working practices that are proven to protect their customers’ data. 

App development companies, specifically those based in the target country, are the best option for businesses looking to branch out into app development. Not only do they understand the security practices required, but as they are based within the same country, they’re aware of legislative and regulatory requirements affecting you and your customers.

So Who Can I Hire?

TheAppLabb is a leading app development company based in Toronto, specializing in content and subscription products. 

Whether you have an existing app that needs a refocus or a brand new idea that needs validating, the team there will help it take shape.

With a large team of strategists, designers and technology partners to collaborate with you, TheAppLabb takes the time to become part of your team to maximize your chance of a successful app while taking away the headache of the actual development. 

To help with resourcing, they offer flexible assistance through their fractional product model, ensuring each product has a dedicated team.