How To Tell If Your B2B Marketing Strategy Is Up To Scratch


When it comes to running an efficient and successful B2B company, a clear marketing strategy is of the utmost importance. You can have a great business with motivated, engaged employees, but it can come to nothing if you do not market yourself appropriately.

Many people make this mistake when it comes to B2B. Whilst a B2C company invests a majority of their time into marketing to new customers, a B2B company is largely focused on what comes after it. Nabbing the customer is only step one of a grander, more complicated plan. In fact, it is the retaining of the customer which is so integral to success.

A B2C company focuses on widespread sales. Whilst repeated custom is beneficial, they are looking for as much footfall as possible, marketing their products and services to cover a large variety of customers. A B2B is more focused and pinpointed, marketing towards a very unique set of customers and building their financial gain through the customers they successfully acquire.

But this doesn’t mean that your marketing strategy should be brushed over. In many ways, the fact that it is essentially ‘step one’ makes it all the more integral. If you fail at marketing yourself, then you fall at the first hurdle. Likewise, marketing to new customers can help to retain the ones that you have.

So how can you tell if your marketing strategy is up to scratch? Here are a few pointers to help you figure it all out.

Take A Closer Look At Your Website

In 2022, marketing is done mainly through online means, such as social media or on-site web content. A digital presence, therefore, is integral to marketing success. Sites like can give you a hand in building this digital presence, making sure to grow your reputation, awareness and customer engagement. Take your own website, for instance. In many cases, your social media platforms will link towards your site, so you should ensure that the link is going to take the customer somewhere good.

A B2B customer wants transparency and respect, whilst you want their engagement. This doesn’t just mean sprucing up your website with pretty colours and images. Many companies make the mistake of making their website like a billboard, or a flashy advert designed to look interesting. Web content should be so much more than that. In many ways, your website should be your company. An online hub, as if the customer were stepping through the doors of the company and seeing every inch of it as if they were there in person. This will involve several tabs to varying interesting, insightful content about who you are and what you are doing, as well as thought-provoking blogs and op-eds which can give the customer an insight into your own values and interests as a company.

Take The Time To Research

With so many businesses growing and building across the world, it is likely that you are not the only one offering your particular services. In fact, there will likely be many B2B companies doing the same thing as you. This is competition that you must be aware of and ready for. Take the time to research before you mark out a wider marketing strategy. Look at your competitors. What are they offering? How are they offering it? How can you do better than them?

As well as this, you should be researching your clients themselves. If you want to market your company effectively, you must be aware of your potential clients by researching the clients you have now. Look at their needs and preferences, look at how they are responding to your company, and try to ascertain some feedback. Not only will this encourage B2B customer loyalty, but it will also help you in attaining more customers in the long run, as you will be aware of exactly what is working and what can work better.

Are You Optimising Your Search Engine Results?

As mentioned previously, a digital presence is integral to keep your B2B marketing strategy up to scratch. This includes getting yourself involved with SEO. In amongst all the competition, you want to make sure that your target audience can find you. Research has shown that SEO is one of the most beneficial marketing techniques. Having both on-site and off-site SEO content can not only make you a more relevant search engine result, but it can also give your company more of an authoritative voice in your respective field.

Both existing customers and new customers will be secured through doing this. An existing customer, for instance, will not cut and run from a respected and well-recognised business. Vice versa, a new customer will oftentimes choose to do business with a company who is high up in the rankings and has a dominant digital presence. Remember, for a lot of people, page two of Google is the door to a barren wasteland. You want to ensure that you remain in front of that door, welcoming customers to your company as soon as they go looking for you.

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