How to track a phone using a cell phone number

Nowadays with technology, you can keep your loved ones safe without having to be with them 24/7. A location-tracking app can help you with this. So, with this in mind, are you interested in learning how to track a phone? There are multiple and simple ways of doing it. This article will help you understand different ways to track a cell phone location for free and also, how to install and use cell tracking apps.

Use Phone Tracker Apps

The best and proven way to track someone’s cell phone is by using cell phone location tracking apps. But what is a mobile location tracking app?

A tracking app is a piece of software that, when installed on a device, traces all activities on the phone. These phone tracker apps are so powerful that they can discover nearly everything on one’s phone.


The most common features offered by most of phone tracker apps are:

  1. Track the GPS and the location history of the chosen device.
  2. Seamless access to the device content including images and videos
  3. Control and monitor installed applications.
  4. Live access to camera and GPS.
  5. Recording phone calls.
  6. Monitor social media activities.

Pros of Using Phone Trackers:

  1. Location tracking apps are beneficial in case of emergency services, but especially for worried parents who want to ensure that their kids aren’t talking to strangers online, being disturbed, or that are making it to school in time.
  2. The location tracker can help you get back the lost or stolen device, no matter where on Earth it is.
  3. Also, it can help verify unknown phone calls, to put a stop to them.

Cons of Using Phone Trackers:

  1. Evades the privacy of a user if used unethically.
  2. If used without the permission of the user you can get into legal problems.
  3. Predators or stalkers can prey on people without them having any hint.
  4. Marketing agencies leverage data to send ad campaigns.

Use Find My Device for Android Devices

Android phone trackers work seamlessly, allowing you to track your device in case you lose it or it got robbed. Follow the steps given below to get started:

  1. Move to and enter your login credentials to sign in to your Google Account.
  2. In case the account is logged in to more than one device, click on the one that is missing.
  3. As you do that, the device will get a notification and the location is updated on the map on the device you are logged in currently.

This is a simple way you can use the Android phone tracker to find your device. In case your phone goes completely inaccessible as you hadn’t enabled enough security for it or location sharing is disabled, you should immediately use a backup code to reset your Android device.

Use Find My iPhone for iPhone Devices

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on all devices and then tap on the name of the device that is lost.
  3. In case the device is active and connected to the internet, the location would be updated on the map.
  4. In case the device is not on, the last location will be shared with you.

Is Tracking Someone’s Phone Legal?

It is illegal to track or modify or spy on someone’s phone without consent and also because it violates their privacy. However, it is deemed acceptable when parents spy on their kids or people spy on others while staying within legal boundaries.

It is for their safety and so tracking one’s kids’ online activities isn’t regarded as anything illegal.  Also, cell phone tracking is a common thing in case of an emergency or when people travel to new places that may not be safe.

Track Someone’s Location Using Their Phone Number

In case of an emergency is important to know that you can track someone’s location using their phone number, all you need to do is download a phone tracking app that can do this.

There you can enter the mobile number and click on “track”. This way you can get the last location of the mobile with the said number. This can feature is very useful in case you need to find someone gone missing.

Can You Track Someone’s Phone Location for Free?

To be honest, yes you can track someone’s phone location for free. Not only is there an array of apps that facilitate the above but also that Android and iOS devices have built-in features enabling you to track the device’s location.

Note that the device must be active and connected to the internet to get the location live. Also, if the phone has a fake location enabler, the tracker won’t work properly.

Apart from the Android and iOS built-in mechanism, you can find many tracking apps on the market that work for free as well. Check the reviews to make sure it works.

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