How to Use a Dash Cam to your Advantage in a Car Accident

As society progresses with technology, so do our cars. Where once we had to rely on the mirror to reverse, we have a backup camera. Additional features like dash cams, commonly used with law enforcement and commercial truck drivers, are becoming prevalent in all vehicle types.

Dashcams are a vital piece of equipment while driving long distances. Dashcams, also known as dashboard cameras, record the actions of a driver and/or the road while a vehicle is in motion. It serves as an excellent resource for evidence, which can be used in tandem with photographic evidence if a motor vehicle accident occurs.

Below is a list of all the ways a dashboard camera can make a difference and how you can use it to your advantage if your car accident case goes to trial.

Great for Evidence

With a camera on your dashboard, every moment of a car accident that occurs will be captured in high resolution. Photo evidence is a great form of evidence, but it doesn’t give the whole picture, not as a video recording.

Additionally, having actual video footage of a wreck will move a car accident case exponentially. The best accident lawyer will be able to review the sequence of events of how your car accident occurred an unlimited number of times. The ability to show a video from a dashcam in a courtroom will most likely lead to admitting fault before a judge and jury.

Helps Prevent Fraud

Just like a dashcam video can move the needle to prove fault, it will also demonstrate your case to insurance companies. Insurance companies, and insurance adjusters, will do what they can to convince you it was your fault. Disputes often erupt between parties due to the insurance companies. With a dashcam video, you can prove what actually happened and avoid influence by insurance companies.

A dashcam video can also help prevent fraud. Sometimes, someone will claim more than they deserve or even cause the accident to happen to swindle you out of money. By having a video on hand, you can show insurance companies what actually happened and clear your name from their false claims.

Identify Hit-and-Run Vehicles

Hit-and-run accidents are some of the most stressful accidents to occur. You need all involved parties’ information to file a claim with the insurance company with every accident. If a vehicle flees the scene, it’s hard to file a claim and pursue a personal injury lawyer. With hit-and-run accidents, the driver at fault gets away without any repercussions; however, with a dashcam and a recorded video of the hit-and-run, your chance of identifying the driver increases. Whether it be an image of the person fleeing or the license plate, law enforcement will have a greater chance of identifying the at-fault offender.

If the offending car is close enough, the dash cam can even capture the GPS location of the accident, the speed and direction of the vehicles, and much more. This will aid law enforcement even further to track down the vehicle or person at fault.

Hire a Houston, Texas Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you were involved in a Houston crash and have your dashcam video of the wreck, it’s essential to consider hiring a Texas accident lawyer. After you have your dashcam evidence compiled, contact a Houston car accident lawyer today. Car accident lawyers have the legal means necessary to pursue your Houston wreck or any car accident case you may be struggling with. This includes Texas car accident law knowledge of filing legal documents, negotiating settlements, and facilitating a trial if your case goes to court.

Car accident lawyers, better known as personal injury lawyers, represent a plethora of clients, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, 18-wheelers, and other kinds of personal injury cases outside of motor vehicle cases. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact the best car accident lawyer you know.

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