How to Use a Desk Booking System in Your Office

Hot desking is an office organization whereby any worker can use any desk at different times. The main goal of hot desking is to make maximum use of office space. This system can be applied in both private and public office setup; the use depends on the environment. Hot desk software entails different people using the same station for work at diverse times. A desk booking system is used to allocate workers a working point for a specific day or more. The software involves mobile applications or websites that employees use to search and book available workstations. The desk booking system is simple to use and efficient in result delivery. There are two major ways in which desk booking systems operate: hoteling and hot-desking. To use either system efficiently, use the following guidelines to see which works best for you: 

The Desk Hoteling

Desk hoteling is a form of desk booking system that allows employees to pick and reserve a specific workstation for a given time. Hoteling allows for a more efficient office set up, especially in pandemic times, as it can be utilized to facilitate social distancing. It helps in maximum space utilization because the ratio of workers to the workspace is one to one. Other benefits of hoteling are, saving on costs, better collaboration, and teamwork, and increased productivity. The other form of desk booking system is hot desking.

Hot Desking System

When it comes to hot desking, workspaces are picked by employees on a first come first serve basis. The sitting can change any time, and this happens many times in a day. Just like desk hoteling, hot-desking has its advantages. First, tidiness is promoted, as workers do not accumulate personal belongings in one place. Workspace is available on short notice and also controls costs. The two desk booking systems are ideal for businesses. Check out the following guidelines on how to use the systems. 

The Quick Desk Search

On the desk booking software home page, there is an option for the searching desk. Select the desired floor, room, group, or table from the display. Pick the date you intend to use. After selecting, click the book option.

Finding a Desk

Still on the desk booking system, select find a desk. If your profile is not signed by any specific desk location or group, you will be required to create one. Click “list” to check available desks, the green star indicates desks with the specified elements. After finding your desired desk, click “book” to reserve.

The Booking Grid

On the desk booking system, click “booking grid”. Some organizations have set restricted groups. In this case, employees cannot change but go by the setting status. Every desk has its status displayed, depending on set up, some of them might include reserved names. Select the date you want to reserve and any extra days if need be. After this process, press saves and close the page. 

The desk booking system is one of the best layouts adopted by many organizations today. Before settling for the software to use in your office, there are some features to consider. They include mobile capabilities, security, intensified customer support, calendaring, among others. The good thing with the system is that it is compatible with various devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets, and digital signage as hardware. Migrate to the desk booking system today and enjoy maximum output per worker.

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