How to Use Casino Spins Right and Win

Playing casino games makes for a thrilling pastime. The goal of every player is to find his luck and see the right symbols match on the screen. However, while luck can strike you at any time and maybe even make you rich, there are some things you can do to boost it to your direction. Players cannot use tricks that guarantee a win, but they can use some tricks to improve their luck when playing on slot machines. 

When it comes to winning at mobile casinos, it’s best to have a strategy instead of playing randomly and without any plans. To give yourself the best winning chance with casino games, here are the top strategies you should know about. 

  • Choose Your Slots Wisely

There are thousands of slot machines available at online casino sites, but no two machines are the same. They can have similar themes, mechanics, or features, but you’ll find something different in every machine you ever choose. In fact, all slots have different soundtracks, symbols, and RTP rates.

Before you pick just any slot that looks colorful or promising, learn some more about it. Check its RTP percentage, volatility, and see what players have to say about it in reviews. 

  • Have Some Practice

If you haven’t played a game before, you won’t know which the winning combinations are, how you can play it, etc. It is best to spend some time on demo versions of slot machines before you invest real money in them. This is good for your bankroll, but it will also allow you to form some strategies for when you play for real money.

  • Make Use of Casino Bonuses

One of the greatest things about gambling online is that you have access to the most amazing bonuses. In most cases, casinos welcome their new players with free spins. They might throw in a match bonus to their package, but you’ll learn that the majority of online casinos have at least a couple dozen spins for their new players. 

Free spins are a common occurrence for returning players, also. They take part of loyalty programs, daily bonuses, weekly deals, and are even rewarded when the site introduces a new slot machine. Since you’ll often get access to 100 free spins bonus codes, you can use these to test different games and boost your chances at winning big. 

When you’re offered spins as a bonus, make sure that you get the most out of an offer. Check its wagering requirements to ensure that they are reasonable, and start spinning. This way, you can win real money without investing any of your own. 

  • Study the Slot’s Paytable

All machines online have a unique paytable. On it, players can see the symbols that appear on screen and what they offer. Before you start playing, check your screen. See which symbols are the most lucrative, what they offer, and which combos you should be looking for. 

  • Stick to Your Budget

It’s very easy to get carried away when you spin the reels online. Before you start playing, decide on how much you’re willing to spend on gambling. If you are prone to spending more than you can afford, try out methods that allow for easier control of your funds. These include e-wallets and prepaid cards that you can pre-load with only your designated gambling budget. 

  • Play for the Jackpots

Jackpot slots are very popular with gamblers today. If you choose to bet on a slot that has this feature, make sure to bet a higher amount to be eligible for the jackpot. In fact, betting higher amounts increases your chances of hitting a higher payout. In most progressive slots, you cannot activate the best features and jackpots unless you play on all available lines. If you can afford it, definitely bet higher on progressive slot machines.

  • Pick Simpler Slots

Games with a huge number of features are colorful, very interesting, and can look very promising. However, keeping track of it all is not easy. The more complicated your selected slot, the lower your odds of winning at it. 

Unless you are a very frequent player and frequently play complicated machines, keep it simple. Play some of the popular machines instead of trying out new ones all the time. 

  • Stop Chasing Due Payouts

Superstitions about slots include chasing due payouts. Many players waste a lot of time chasing a hit just because they think it is imminent. The truth is, casino games are random and there’s not such a thing as a due payout on a machine. It doesn’t work that way – ever.

Games are controlled by RNG, random number generators. This means that every slot combination is randomly chosen and assorted when you click on the spin button. 

Final Thoughts

Spinning reels on slot machines gives players such a thrill, especially when they see winning symbols on the screen. You shouldn’t see gambling as a source of income, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do your best to improve your winning odds. The tips above serve to do exactly that for you. 

Author’s Bio

Leslie Alexander is a content lead at She’s the person behind insightful tips for gamblers, as well as realistic reviews of games, developers, and casino sites. As a past employee at casinos and a frequent gambler herself, Leslie’s words always reach casino players.