How to use HALLIGAN TOOL / PRO BARS Correctly?

Professional firefighters know that you need the right tools to extinguish a fire effectively. The HALLIGAN TOOL and PRO BARS are two of the most important tools in a firefighter’s arsenal – but do you know how to use them correctly? Incorrect use of the Halligan tool/pro bars can cause serious injury. Here we will teach you about how to use these essential tools correctly.


You can use the Halligan’s fork to pry, pull, or punch. It can manipulate the forked tip like a padlock’s hinge to unlock the lock. In a car fire, the fork can shear off the hood’s upper lock and break open the hood. 

Use the fork to pry off pieces of wood, remove roofing materials, and wedge between door and window frames to gain access or airflow. To prevent the ladder from accidentally kicking out while in use, you can also drive the fork into the ground at the foot of the ladder.


The Halligan adz is the flat top of the head. Its narrow, flat end is ideal for prying, and the rest of the bar can be used as a lever to get at stubborn materials. For example, you can peel off some plywood by hammering an adz behind it. 

When placed between the door frames and bent with pressure, the adz creates a hole that can insert pneumatic tools like the cutter in an automobile fire or accident.

Flat End

Halligan features two flat sides: the adz and the instrument. It can use the flat end to pry open a door, break safety glass, or as a step. Wedge the tool between the building and the ground to get over a window sill. The Halligan’s flat side breaks windows. A correct strategy is used to break and clear glass with the tool.


The Halligan tool’s awl stands out. Despite its simplicity, it’s adaptable. Swinging or hitting it opens it. Inward-opening doors and frames can be wedged together and pierced with an awl. In a fire, the awl can pry up floors to disclose danger. The awl’s pointed edge makes it easy to pry tight open areas. Once the awl is embedded, the Halligan can be used as a footing.

Use of Claw for prying

The claw is located at the end of the tool and is used for prying open doors and windows. To use it, wedge the claw into the opening and then apply pressure.


It will help you with forcible entry; look no further than the Halligan Tool / Pro Bar. You can use this versatile tool for various tasks, including prying open doors and windows, breaking through drywall, and even removing nails. But to use it effectively, you need to know how to use it correctly.

With this guide in mind, you should be able to use your Halligan Tool / Pro Bar effectively for various tasks. So don’t be afraid to put it to good use.

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