How To Use Peer To Peer Texting For Your Organization

Marketers are always trying to find new ways to get their message across. One of the more innovative strategies they’ve developed is peer-to-peer texting. Mobile carriers offer this service, so it’s easy for marketers to create group text messages that go out once a week to the members of their organization.

The beauty of peer-to-peer texting is that these messages will always get read because no one wants to get left out on an important update that you meant for them. You will have people then compelled to act on the information they received and be more involved in your organization.

Here is what you will need to do to make peer-to-peer texting work for your organization:

  • Step One: Create a list and allocate it for your peer-to-peer texting. The list must contain only those individuals interested in becoming members of your organization. Not everyone will get included, but those who are must receive the message with their mobile number listed on it.
  • Step Two: The message that you send must be exciting and enticing. If it’s boring, your audience will stop reading. If it’s too long, people will not read all of it but only what interests them the most. Please keep it to a minimum of five sentences at most.
  • Step Three: You need to research your audience and know what they’re interested in. This will enable you to tailor the messages they receive to be more compelling than before.
  • Step Four: You must establish a schedule for sending out the messages. I recommend that you always send these messages once a week using your mobile phone as an SMS gateway service.
  • Step Five: You need to put a compelling message on your mobile phone’s home screen. This will entice visitors or visitors to see the messages and even ask if they want to join.
  • Step Six: Get them to download the SMS application on their phones that they can use for peer-to-peer texting. There are just a few versions available in the market you can choose from. If you don’t have one, you can download it online for free.
  • Step Seven:
  1. Stay true to the message you are sending out.
  2. Don’t advertise your products and services.
  3. Only send out relevant information to help your members become more aware of your organization and its goals. This messaging should build relationships with potential members, not sell them anything.
  • Step Eight: You should know the technological limitations on your audience. Some may not have access to this type of technology, while others may have unlimited texting plans. You can give them other communication options if they cannot receive text messages on their phones. You can also opt to limit the number of text messages you send out per month for those who have unlimited plans so that it does not get expensive for them.


The use of peer-to-peer texting in marketing is becoming one of the more popular strategies today. It’s an effective way to promote your organization because you have everyone’s privacy, and it forces them to interact with you.

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