How to use property management software like a professional?

We are in a time when markets are evolving in step with new technologies and because of their impact. The increase in development and innovation brings with it technological advances and changes that affect all sectors and industries, and property management and vacation rental is one of them. Therefore, now more than ever it is crucial that every property manager is aware of this new reality and technological landscape, to know how to adapt to it and make use of the tools it offers.

The benefits of using property management software

Among this range of possibilities in the form of tools, property management software is the main ally of all property managers. These are systems whose main objective is to facilitate and simplify the work of property managers. How does it achieve this? Very simple! 

These softwares incorporate a wide range of functionalities and tools mainly based on the automation and centralization of tasks and activities directly related to management, such as the administration of reservations, communications with clients, payment management, rate adjustment, etc.

How to use property management software like an industry professional

As a property manager, incorporating this type of software for the management of your properties is the best option. Therefore, if you have already decided to acquire this system, are thinking of doing it or even already have it, we invite you to continue reading this article to learn how to use it correctly and maximize your investments, increase your income, make your work profitable, and improve the opinions of your guests.

Use an owners portal

Having an owners portal in your software is very important to ensure that your performance is correct. 

An owners portal like Hostify’s allows owners to track the performance of their properties. It is ideal for maintaining the transparency that every property manager strives for. In addition, it contains features such as customizing your portal with brand images, colors and personal preferences; as well as allowing owners to interact with their Multi-Calendar to block out certain dates and, if they wish, give access to guest reviews as well.

Use unified inbox

One of the great advantages that a property management software will provide you with is the unified inbox. Through this tool you will get all your guest communications centralized, saving you from wasting your time checking each inbox on a daily basis. In it you will find all your customer messages, from every platform or channel you use. In addition, you can also send emails or SMS messages, as well as receive immediate notifications for each response from your customers, and keep track of the entire conversation in the inbox.

Incorporate multi-calendar 

The multi-calendar allows you to manage your bookings, rates and availability in a single, easy-to-view calendar. Through it, you can create, edit and check reservations made on any channel. As well as change prices and block your availability, organize rooms and reservations, or relocate guests and filter your properties. All in a single panel. In addition, with a multi-calendar you have the ability to set prices for weekdays and weekends to maximize your revenue, or define default minimum stays for weekdays and weekends, among other features.

Arrange short-term bookings faster

With a software you can arrange short-term bookings faster and more efficiently. You get all the relevant information about each of your bookings at once, and you can review rates, manage notes and other booking-related tasks and automations in one place. In addition, it allows you to get direct bookings from your booking engine or add them manually. You can also filter and view your bookings by status, property, location, channel, owner, price and many other criteria, and create and export custom reports to share with your team and plan your management.

Take advantage of the advanced reporting

Last but not least, another of the star functionalities that a software will give you is the generation of analytics with the data from your properties, with which you will be able to take measures to improve your business based on intelligent data analysis. This will allow you to know how your properties are performing and which are the best channels for you. In addition, it allows you to select from different metrics and create predefined and customizable reports.

You already know how the main tools of a property manager software work, now you just need to get down to work and put it into practice. To do this, we suggest a software like Hostify, which will provide you with all these tools and many other features to streamline, improve and optimize the management of your properties.

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