How to Win With Facebook Ads: Top Tips for Ecommerce

All businesses need social media. Ecommerce brings a substantial portion of revenue in retail. Whether you do business online or through brick-and-mortar outlets, you cannot ignore this. Digital marketing is indispensable for success, as it helps you build the right brand image and project it to millions.

Facebook is the biggest and most popular of all social networks. This makes its ads a vital channel of promotion for businesses of any size. Advanced systems like help you generate ads automatically, quickly, and conveniently. The platform then posts them across social media based on your needs. Here are the basics of Facebook ads for e-commerce in 2021.

Should Your Company Advertise on Facebook in 2021?

This tool has been around for quite a while, so some business owners are skeptical about its current potential. If you are wondering if Facebook ads are still worth it, they are. Despite their growing prices, they are still relevant and effective. After all, the social network is used by over 2.5 billion people worldwide, including several hundred million companies. In short, no other platform will give you that scope of exposure. Knowing how to boost a post on Facebook is one of the most important social media skills, as it can give your brand a huge edge.

Organic reach is less effective than five years ago due to various changes to the Facebook algorithm. The presence of organic posts in the feed of the average user has shrunk to a measly 5%. Posts from friends and family, along with paid ads, dominate their news stream. Therefore, ads are now the only way to reach business goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Despite the price increases we have mentioned, Facebook ads still deliver substantial ROI. Your costs will depend on different factors, so there is no clear-cut answer to this question. The two key criteria are your location and marketing goals. The other less influential factors are the day of the week, hours, month, industry, etc.

On average, businesses pay around 1.5 dollars in CPC (Cost Per Click). The most expensive location is Australia, and the most expensive industries are finance and insurance. Another valuable indicator is CPL (Cost per Like), which is around $1 in the US. Finally, CPI (Cost per app install) is the highest — over $3 in developed countries. Remember that prices vary greatly, and all of these figures are only approximations.

How to Run a Facebook Ads Campaign for e-Commerce

An ad campaign is a compound endeavor. If you are an entrepreneur or an employee tasked with e-commerce marketing, read on. You have to learn about Facebook Pixel, targeting, prominence, and other factors. Here are the bare essentials of Facebook marketing in 2021.

1. Use Facebook Pixel

Did you know you can track Facebook users who visit your store? For this to happen, the website header must include a special HTML tag developed by the tech giant. This piece of code has a simple but important role: capturing the profiles of users who have opened your site. You can see how successful your campaign has been, and what improvements are necessary.

The insights you will see are not limited to just the profiles. You can see that some of these users have started a specific action, such as selecting products but did not complete the purchase. Afterward, you can optimize your ads to encourage those potential customers to return. What’s more, you will get information about everything that is a consequence of your organic reach.

2. Target Broad Audiences

Should you limit your targeting to just your niche or expand it? Opinions may vary, so there is no universal answer. Generally, though, a wider reach is more cost-effective on average. At the same time, targeting a narrow segment makes sense for specific industries.

For example, if your clients are mostly young males who love Counter Strike or GTA, you may have your ads shown to men between the ages of 18 and 30 who play these particular games. On the downside, the costs will be higher, and the number of potential customers will be very limited. Broad targeting will bring the following benefits.

  • More people will see your ads, which is good for brand awareness and reaching more potential customers.
  • Your cost per ad will go down, as Facebook charges businesses more for narrow targeting.
  • The algorithm is very complex, and it may also target a narrow audience in the process, so you will get two for the price of one anyway.

3. Your Ads Must Stand Out

Facebook users are exposed to ads all the time. Most of them scroll down mechanically, without focusing on any post. To capture attention in one second, your advertisements must be unique. If they look generic, you will not see any clicks. The two key criteria are creativity and conciseness. Nobody likes long videos or lengthy texts.

  • Natural Look

Your ads should look like a post from a friend, not like a paid ad. Users have grown immune to promotions, so they do not pay attention to generic ads. Their brains just filter them out

  • Uniqueness

Craft your ads meticulously, paying attention to every detail. The colors, words, and shapes matter. Your marketing material must be unique.

  • Optimal Speed of Videos

Your goal is to capture the audience’s attention in under one second. Otherwise, you will fail unless your video features a celebrity. A high pace, in the beginning, will prompt viewers to continue watching.

  • GIFs

This format is a great intermediate option between images and video. These files are neither static nor too complicated. GIFs are catchy and cheap.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence: Takeaways

  • With unique ads that are well-planned and scheduled, you can achieve a lot.
  • Broad targeting is a good idea, as your offer will be seen by more people, and the cost per ad will be lower.
  • Use eye-catching images, dynamic GIFS, or fast-paced videos to capture attention in just one second.
  • To streamline your efforts across social media, use automatic tools for cross-platform advertising.

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