How to withdraw Ethereum?

You want to pay out Ethereum, but are still looking for a suitable exchange or instructions or just want to learn more about it?

In this article you will find all the necessary information so that you can withdraw currency Ethereum (Ether). We will show you which providers you should take a closer look at and also create step-by-step instructions so that you know exactly what you have to do to get Ether paid out safely.

As an alternative, we will also show you how to sell Ethereum as CFDs and list all the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

Withdraw Ethereum: Instructions for beginners

To sell the digital currency Ether, you need an Ethereum exchange that meets your requirements. If you already own Ethereum, you need a provider where you can deposit Ether.

Tip: Brokers (see withdraw Ethereum CFDs) only offer price illustrations, with these you cannot withdraw real Ethereum.

Withdraw Ethereum in euros (or other fiat currencies)

To sell Ethereum in euros or another fiat currency, you need an Ethereum exchange that offers the direct sale of Ethereum against a fiat currency.

You should also think about the exchange rate of the individual exchanges so that you get the most money for your ether, in euros or USD (0.2 eth to usd). To do this, visit the individual Ether exchanges and compare the sales prices with each other.

The Ethereum price may differ between the different exchanges. Advanced exchanges usually offer better prices, as Ethereum is not sold to a company, but to another market participant.

Withdraw Ethereum: Exchange for other cryptocurrencies

Converting Ethereum to another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is a little easier than selling it in euros. For this you use either a crypto exchange or an exchange service.

Exchange Ethereum on an exchange

To exchange the digital currency Ether on a stock exchange, you should proceed as with the sale in euros. First, you choose a suitable exchange for you that allows the exchange of Ethereum for another currency and offers a good exchange rate.

Create an account with one of the exchanges and deposit your Ether into this account, for example to exchange it for Bitcoin or another currency. Then you should transfer your coins to your own wallet. A hardware wallet is suitable for the secure storage of your digital currencies.

Sell Ethereum CFDs

Ethereum CFD As a last resort, there is the sale of Ethereum CFDs. CFDs are contracts of difference, i.e. contracts for difference and thus contacts between two parties about the difference between the current and future Ethereum value.

In this case, the Ethereum price is the underlying asset, which you do not physically own.

You trade the performance of the cryptocurrency Ether with Ethereum CFDs and can bet on the falling or rising Ethereum price.

The advantage of a CFD is that you do not need an Ethereum wallet for storage, you only need a provider that offers Ethereum CFDs.

Suppose I want to bet on a falling Ether course. Then I would have to take a short position (also called a short position) on the Ethereum CFD. If the Ethereum price is lower at the end of the contract than at the beginning, I will receive the difference credited, that would be my profit (0.069 eth to usd).

In addition, I could use a leverage that multiplies my profits – but also losses – by the selected leverage.


When selling ETH into a fiat currency, you should always look at the price of each provider to get the best possible price for your digital currency. However, the stock exchange should also appeal to you and correspond to your knowledge.

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