How to write a senior thesis in history

Most history students need to produce a senior thesis before graduation. It is the most significant assignment for all undergraduates. Students facing challenges creating one should consider a professional essay writer to avoid failing to graduate.

The steps followed when producing a senior history thesis

Determine the topic and perform research

History students start by identifying a broad essay topic. It must be captivating enough to focus a whole year of detailed research. For instance, if you prefer writing about females in the 20th century, the topic will be narrow for a senior thesis. However, a subject such as female suffragists in the 20th century could be better. However, it is still not thin enough.

The key to determining an excellent senior history thesis topic is thinking of something fascinating. You can use the following questions to create one:

  • Which challenges did female suffragists encounter when the movement started picking up speed?
  • Who were the lesser-popular English suffragists, and what was their duty?
  • Did female suffragists get help from men? If yes, why did they offer to support them?
  • Did the movement affect female fashion trends? If yes, what changes were experienced?
  • Did English and American suffragists interact during the 29th century? What impact does it have on the movement?

Everything mentioned above is more particular than producing a simple senior history thesis. Students have to talk about the when, what, who, and where of the thesis. All those details offer a solid background for writing a senior history thesis.

However, the most crucial thing in a senior history thesis is how and why something got encountered.

History learners also need to discuss the senior thesis feasibility with their instructors. The top essay company recommends asking questions like:

  • The senior history thesis sources.
  • Whether the selected subject is too wide or too narrow.
  • Which other people have written a similar paper, and are their essays worth reading?

Producing the paper proposal

A proposal is a crucial part of the senior history thesis production activity. It is where a scholar writes down the questions to tackle primary and secondary sources. Typically, the history branch wants to approve the senior thesis proposal to proceed with the essay.

 The fundamental structure of the paper:

  • It comprises the subject statement and questions/issues addressed in the paper.
  • A small literature review/historiography: It comprises the essential works in the history field. It also has the subject’s questions and how the job will get used in the senior history thesis.
  • Extra source summary: It is where to talk about essential and relevant secondary sources. Additionally, it can get listed in bibliography style.

 The essay can have a proposal structure different from the one described above. Depending on the department guidelines, the learners have to seek advice from their instructors to know the right one.

 After the senior history thesis proposal gets approved, a student can research the topic area. What comes next is the essay writing activity.

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