How to Write a Simple and Effective Business Letter

Before we go into depth about how to write a business letter, we need to know what a business letter is. These days, the competition among brands and companies is very high, and all of them want to target the world’s customers through social media sites, search engines, and other online platforms. It aims to engage the clients and delivers inspiring messages relevant to your business.

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Just like an email, a carefully drafted business letter will act as a comprehensive and powerful communication tool. It will let your customers know about your products, services, and brand, as well as attract them to new arrivals and hot deals. The format of such a letter needs to be simple, straightforward, and engaging.

Selecting a professional design

The first step is to choose a professional and amazing letterhead design. If your business, for example, is related to cosmetics, then the letterhead can be colored pink or red depending on your requirements and the target audience. Once the design has been selected, the next step is to choose the font and its color. Most often, the inspiration can be taken from a business letter example. Such samples are available on the internet in bulk.

What is your mode of delivery?

Do you want to deliver the business letter through email or in person? If you are looking to deliver this letter to global customers, then you can use different social networking websites and emails for this purpose, and if you are going to target the local audience, meaning people living within your city or town, then you can deliver it in-person. The business letters delivered in-person need to be economical and predesigned colors and layouts should not be your choice if you want to leave an ever-lasting impression on your customers.

Business letter template fields

What will be the basic letter format? The first line of such a letter will introduce your company and the purpose of getting in touch with the client. Make sure you have inserted the sender’s address clearly, their email and website URL needs to be mentioned, as well as the contact number. It will let the customers know what type of business you own and how you are distinctive in the market.

In the body section of this letter, you can introduce your products and services, as well as mention their prices. If possible, you can place the images and audio-video materials within the email-based business letter to leave a good impression on the customers. How to begin a business letter? The business should begin with the introduction of your company, followed by the body and conclusion where you need to describe why and how your brand is better than the others and what is the guarantee of your products’ quality.

Do not insert your social media links

How to use c/o in a business letter? You should never insert your social media links in the business letter especially when your company is relatively new and you are yet to build the brand. It is because the customers will intend to check your personal social profiles and some hacker might hack your account, as well as steal your website’s username and password, threatening customers using your company name and stealing money from their accounts.

Choose a simple layout

The business letter layout needs to be simple, and you do not need to complicate things unnecessarily. If possible, devote one business letter to a product or two, or a particular category so that the customers have an idea of what you are selling under your brand. For example, if you own a cosmetics company and want to craft business letters for lipstick and nail paint sales, then two different letters should be crafted for these two types of products to make it easy for the clients to recognize your company, choose their favorite lipsticks or nail paints, and to confirm the order. If you will confuse a lot of things in the same letter, you may end up losing many of your clients.

Samples of the Business Letter

The different types of business letters are cover letters, job application letters, resignation letters, leave letters, reference letters, business promotion letters, order letters, complaint letters and others. Amazingly, the internet has loads of examples of these letters, but the most important and best ones are the business promotion or sales letters. These letters need to have a set format, and their structure has to be well-organized. Unlike other letters, these need to look professional and should consist of appealing formats and marvelous text.


Whether you own a small business or a large one, you always need to create business letters since they will speak of themselves about your brand’s legitimacy and its reliability. If you choose to promote your brand through traditional, ordinary ways, you may never be able to please the customers and may not get any orders for the next few weeks. Try to keep things as simple and understandable as possible to enjoy success in the long run.

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