How to Write an Enduring Issue Essay

An enduring issue essay looks at a problem that has been around for a long time, talks about how it affects society, and provides proof. Researchers in history, sociology, and anthropology have looked into problems that keep coming up. 

Few places have found long-term solutions to problems. Their work is written down in history. Students of world history and similar classes should learn about this topic, especially for the Regents test. So, knowing how to use records, files, and the real world could be helpful. Content on the website is updated often so that users can find out what’s new in their areas. is known for helping people understand complicated ideas. Its useful articles, charts, and graphs, as well as the views of experts, help make sense of difficult issues. You can read more articles on research writings that help you.


Start with an interesting opening that sets the scene and explains the environmental problem you’ll be talking about. Give a summary of the political and social importance of the problem.

EXAMPLE: Environmental deterioration has threatened our planet’s fragile ecosystems for decades. This ongoing dilemma has profoundly changed human society and the natural environment. This piece will talk about environmental decline, where it comes from, and how it hurts people and animals.

Describe the enduring issue

Properly define and describe its major components. Discuss the issue’s history and worldwide perspective.

Example: Over time, environments and natural resources get worse because of things like cutting down trees, making companies pollute, and releasing greenhouse gases. In recent decades, industry and urbanization have accelerated this millennia-old issue. As the number of people on Earth has grown and their needs for resources and energy have grown, so have harmful habits that can’t be fixed.

  • State your claim or thesis:

Provide a well-developed thesis statement that summarizes your case for why this environmental problem must be addressed.

Example: Destruction of the environment is important because it affects both human societies and the complex ecosystem of Earth. This problem needs to be fixed in a responsible way and for the sake of future generations.

Body Paragraphs

Split the essay into body paragraphs that address different aspects of the environmental problem. Give instances of the issue’s environmental and human impacts. Use statistics, examples, and proof to support your ideas.

Paragraph 1: Human Impact

Discuss how environmental deterioration impacts human health, economics, and inequality. Show instances and statistics.

Example: Environmental deterioration has caused urban air quality to deteriorate. Hazardous air pollutants have increased due to fossil fuel burning and industrial emissions. This atmospheric poisoning causes terrifying air pollution, endangering human health. The rise in respiratory disorders including asthma, bronchitis, and others shows the effects. Air pollution has been related to a lower life expectancy, especially in polluted locations. The World Health Organization’s grim data on almost 7 million premature deaths globally highlights the problem. Such a staggering death toll calls into question our present course. Unfortunately, underprivileged groups already plagued by socioeconomic inequities suffer the most. These disadvantaged communities bear a disproportionate health cost from environmental deterioration. Thus, environmental injustices perpetuate inequality, producing a circle of despair. This longstanding challenge demands industry reform and a renewed commitment to environmental justice.

Body Paragraph 2: Impact on Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Explore how damage to the environment upsets ecosystems, causes species to go extinct, and hurts biodiversity. Give detailed cases and examples.


The fight against the African elephant shows how damage to the world hurts living things. Poaching and the loss of its environment killed this beautiful animal, which was a symbol of the variety of life on Earth. Because of what people do, the number of elephants is going down, and they may become extinct. The criminal trade in ivory has made it very dangerous to kill elephants. People used to let these beautiful animals live in a lot of space, but now greedy people are killing them. When people live in elephants’ natural habitats, they take away a lot of space and resources from the elephants. The world depends on elephants in many ways, but these connections are in danger.

Not just elephants are being hurt. Ecosystems are like complicated patterns in which every species has its role. When elephants die out, this delicate balance is thrown off, which sets off a chain of events. Elephants are like “ecosystem engineers” because they eat trees and spread seeds to change their environment. Without them, plant growth is disrupted, which in turn causes alterations to the water cycle, soil erosion, or species extinction. Many other species are impacted when the survival of the African elephant is threatened. Ecosystems and big, interesting animals are in danger when biodiversity goes down. Think about how important each species is and start working right away to stop the damage to the world so that this doesn’t happen. Protecting species like the African elephant can help keep the delicate balance of life and make sure that future generations have a strong and stable world to live in.

Conclusion Paragraph

Summarize the article’s main points and emphasize how important and serious an environmental problem is. Something interesting should come at the end.


 Lastly, natural damage threatens the future of our world. The fact that it affects both people and ecosystems demonstrates the significance of collaboration. Humanity has a responsibility to reverse its environmental destruction and work toward a sustainable future. Without this, we’ll harm the Earth and its inhabitants today and in the future.

Essay Citations

Citing sources correctly is important for academic honesty and for making sure that information is accurate. When you use APA or MLA styles to cite taken information, you give credit where it’s due and take responsibility for it. Correct quotations help readers find and check sources, which makes academic conversations more open and trustworthy. So, using the correct citation style, with citations in the text and a full list of references, encourages responsible study and gives credit to other writers and sources.

You can write 3-4 paragraph words for enduring issues. A 600 words essay will be 1.2 pages single-spaced or 2.4 pages double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

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