How to Write an Essay – What a Tutor Will Look For

When reading your essay, there are a few specific things that a tutor will look for, and knowing these before writing your essay will give you a better chance at getting the best grade possible for your essay.

Your tutor will always focus on the quality and content of your essay. The quality of the content is judged using several indicators. First, your essay must have a thesis statement or an introduction. Each paragraph in your essay should have a topic sentence because this assists your reader to know, from the outset, the idea contained in a paragraph. This makes it easier to read your essay.

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Always follow the topic sentences with supporting facts. The supporting facts should further explain the general idea contained in your topic sentence. Each paragraph should contain 100 to 150 words and use a concluding sentence to wrap up the idea within it and then introduce the next paragraph.

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The clarity of your essay is very important.

An essay is clear if the reader can easily follow and understand the ideas the essay is presenting. To make your essay clear, all your sentences must be cohesive. One way to do this is to get rid of any orphan or fragmented sentences in your essay. Check for any misspelled or dangling modifiers. You can do this by making sure that you always proofread your essay and if necessary, use proofreading software to make it easier for you to check for sentence structure flaws. Here are a few examples of proofreading software: ginger software, whitesmoke, and serenity software. Also, use transition words to link ideas in your paragraphs.

Did you know that you can also start some paragraphs using a transition word?

A transition word is a word that connects two sentences and helps to maintain the flow of your writing. An example of some transitional words are:

– also, again, as well as, besides, coupled with, in addition, likewise, moreover, similarly.

Check for punctuation, grammar, or spelling mistakes.

Lastly, check for punctuation, grammar, or spelling mistakes. Such mistakes not only make it annoying to read your essay, but they also show that you have not taken the appropriate time or care writing your essay. Your tutor will mark you down if they find these types of simple mistakes. The best way to get rid of these mistakes is to read over your essay several times and use a spell check within the editor of your choice (Word, Notepad, TextEdit, etc).

Even though you may have used proofreading software (such as the ones that are mentioned above), this software may miss some punctuation or spelling mistakes. You can use the software to clean up your first draft but always make time to read your essay to correct any mistakes. Take some time off away from your essay before you start proofreading because you will see things through fresh eyes and catch more errors that you may not have noticed before. By being meticulous and rewriting your essay a few times, you will win the approval of your tutor and get the good grade you deserve.

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