How to understand Instagram analytics

Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for a lot of business owners and brands in recent years. As part of your business strategy, you need to be able to analyse, understand, and most importantly interpret Instagram data. Remember  it’s not just about getting a million likes on your page, but the challenge is being able to convert those likes into real customers. Whether you decide to buy Instagram likes or not, the challenge is being able to stay on top of competition and generate sales.

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Understanding Instagram Analytics 

In this article we discuss why it is important to understand Instagram analytics in order to grow your business. Accessing Instagram analytics can be done through the ‘insights’ tab on your app. This however is only possible on a business profile account.

Once you click the ‘insights’ tab it will show you the metrics and analytics such as the demographics, number of followers, your posts and likes including the geographic locations of your followers. Remember, Instagram analytics will only generate data that was published after switching to a business user account.

If done properly and correctly, Instagram analytics help brands and businesses measure their success in terms of their marketing efforts. It will also help them to focus on certain aspects  of the business like branding that require attention.

So Where do you Start?

In order to make full use of the analytics, you need to switch to a business account. Accessing you Instagram analytics is going to help you understand  the following key points,

  1. Instagram users’ behaviors
  2. Target audience demographics
  3. Content evaluation and strategy

Why Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics help businesses to make necessary decisions and adjustments in their marketing strategy.  How your brand looks on Instagram is critical.

In addition, the data will help you answer the following questions,

  1. Are your posts attracting the target market?
  2. Who is following your Instagram page?
  3. Are your Instagram likes converting to the much needed sales?
  4. Is your content strategy effective and serving its intended purpose?

Addressing the above questions will help you achieve growth and revenue for your business.

Interpreting your Instagram Analytics 

Here are some improvements you may need to consider in order to improve your content marketing strategy based on the results from your analytics.

  • Do not write captions that are unnecessarily long, you do not want to bore and turn off your readers.
  • When designing text, take great care where hashtags are concerned. Your text should have the minimum possible of these. This is probably one area where the concept of ‘cost benefit analysis’ should come into play.
  • Everyone can write, and everyone can take a photo or create a video but not everyone can design unique eye catching logos. It could be worthwhile to invest in the talents of a professional graphic designer. It could turn out to be a very worthwhile investment.
  • You could also buy free instagram likes on Likigram.

Make Use of Influencers

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The importance of influencers in marketing can never be overemphasized. Instagram posts are almost exclusively of a visual nature (videos and photos with captions) this makes it ideal for use of influencers-influential people in a particular line who people look up to and trust. Be it in the travel and tourism industry or sportswear, influencers can be made to appear in the videos, photos and ads on Instagram.

It is therefore clear why understanding Instagram analytics is critical for any business.

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