How Using Google Trends Can Help You Make More Sales

Google Trends is one of the best tools for digital marketers. If you have heard of SEO tools before, keep in mind that Google Trends isn’t your average tool. For many people who are relying on the internet and seasonal trends, this tool is essential. You can use it in various ways and there are always new things you can learn to utilize Google Trends properly.

If you are curious about this amazing tool, I have gathered some important pieces of information for you. In this article, you are going to learn about how you can use Google Trends to make more sales. And you can do it in meaningful ways instead of just wasting your time with useless practices.

Keyword research

Let’s say you are selling a product in your store, and you want to reach your audience, so everyone will know about it. In order for you to be able to reach your audience, you need a proper keyword. Now, Google Trends can help you with your keyword research. This way, you don’t need to guess which keywords to use and waste your time with useless keywords that may or may not be relevant to your product.

Google Trends can help you with thanks by showing you related queries. To start is simple, insert a keyword related to your products or service. Then, check out the related queries. You can gain a deeper insight into your keyword this way.

Finding niches

I think we can all agree that Google Trends’ main function is to find niches that you have never heard before. It is very common to find niches that you want but will never find out without help. Google Trends is exactly the tool you can use to find a new niche. And you can customize the settings to find a new niche from the past 12 months to many years ago. This way you can do more than just find a new niche – learn how a niche performs throughout the years, if a niche is still relevant, etc. Also remember that niche equals trend, meaning that you want to take advantage of the current trends. To learn more about the current trends in business, check out How Trend.

Content freshness

If you have been dabbled in SEO for a while, you will know that every keyword has its own peak season. Peak seasons are very important if you want to maximize your sale. This means that your old content might not do anything for you if you don’t refresh them. Google Trends can help you with this problem by looking into the peak season for every keyword.

So go ahead and look into some keywords that your old posts use. After you have found out the peak seasons for each keyword, you can create a plan of when you should refresh each old post. This way, you can always take advantage of peak seasons by creating fresh new content at the right time.

Find niche topics by region

Being too broad is a common mistake that many businesses do. So instead of trying to promote your business everywhere in the country or even the world, it’d be best to just focus on some specific regions. Obviously, people in different regions are searching for different things on the internet. Let’s say people in Region A love item A, while people in Region B love item B. So, to maximize your sales, you should try to compete in the right region using the right keywords.

Google Trends can help you learn more about your audiences in specific regions. You can cross-reference various data from different regions to find out the peak seasons of each keyword. Basically, with Google Trends, you can capitalize on peak seasons to maximize sales. This can also prevent you from wasting time and money trying to reach the wrong audience. 


Google Trends is absolutely one of the best tools for digital marketers. I don’t really recommend ignoring this tool if you are planning to sell products online. Google Trends is also useful for different usage cases if you are willing to learn more about this amazing tool.

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