How Vitastem is Penetrating the Global Wound Care Market with Their Best-in-Class Topical Antibiotic

Medical doctors are more than aware that effective wound care is a critical part of healthcare, and one of the latest innovations in this field of medicine is Vitastem. This cutting-edge topical antibiotic spray is one of the best wound care treatments that utilizes the most advanced transdermal drug delivery technology in order to help accelerate the natural healing process for minor to severe, non-healing wounds.

Its unique combination of broad-spectrum antimicrobial action and sustained release from its compress help combat resistant bacterial species while aiding tissue repair simultaneously. It’s not surprising that it is becoming a popular choice for wound care treatments due to its incredible efficiency and effectiveness. 

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Vitastem Ultra impacts the medical field with their best-in-class topical antibiotic spray that is specifically designed for treating challenging wounds and preventing infection.

The Global Market Size for Wound Care

The global wound care market has witnessed high growth in recent years, culminating in an estimated market size of $21.4 billion in 2022. In 2023, this figure is expected to increase to $22.25 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 4.15%, reaching $29.57 billion by 2030, according to an analysis by Grandview Research. This development can be attributed to various factors, such as the aging population, rising incidences of chronic diseases like diabetes, and the increasing prevalence of pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers, among other things. 

Furthermore, growing awareness about effective wound care management and favorable reimbursement policies also play their part in buoying market growth. At the same time, technological advancements have steered the innovation of advanced wound care products and therapies to meet the demand.

Development of Surgical and Diabetic wounds

The development, persistence, and treatment of common surgical and diabetic wounds can create a stressful environment for healthcare professionals tasked with keeping these wounds safe. Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) such as MRSA and Staph infection remain amongst the most concerning issues developing from these wounds. 

Suppose a patient contracts an HAI, often leading to further health complications, including deeper tissue infection and sepsis. Healthcare professionals must take extra precautions to reduce the likelihood of HAI contracting, as their presence creates numerous ongoing challenges in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care places. Proper prevention strategies and effective treatments can help improve our ability to respond quickly to protect patient safety.

Vitastem Ultra: The Miracle Worker

Developed and optimized over the past 10 years and counting by parent company, ViaDerma, Vitastem Ultra has shown great promise to the field of medicine, specifically for wound care and infection prevention with it being 10x stronger than all other topical antibiotics on the market. Their advanced formula uses naturally derived active ingredients to effectively reduce the risk of infection for surgical wounds, minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Applied as needed, it provides a much faster healing time. Recent studies over the years have indicated that Vitastem Ultra is 10x more effective than other big brand name OTC antibiotic ointments. With a much broader range of protective bacteria inhibition than most competitor brands, it’s no wonder this innovative antibiotic is gaining popularity among medical leaders worldwide.

Vitastem used as a wound care treatment provides superior protection against pathogens. Utilizing both chemical and physical kill mechanisms, it stands out as one of the most effective wound care treatments on the market. The unique physical killing strategy plays an integral role in providing reliable safety and security against infection. The special combination of processes ensures maximum effectiveness, allowing practitioners to rest assured that their treatment is safe and effective for their patients.

The unique formula enables excellent cell wall permeability. This means the medicine can enter the cells at a rate of up to 10x more than normal. In addition, bacteria will not have adequate time to adapt or become resistant due to the highly concentrated delivery of medicine to the site of treatment. Their solution boasts delivering results within 24 hours compared to traditional methods lasting 5-7 days (or longer).

Vitastem is a very innovative topical antibiotic that stands out compared to other antibiotics currently available on the market. Not only does it treat one’s skin condition, but its unique formulation enables it to do much more to help the patient too. This one-of-a-kind drug contains vitamin D3 and ascorbic acid, two vital vitamins for skin health required for cell repair and rejuvenation. When applied directly to the site of infection, these vitamins are infused into damaged cells, thus allowing them to regenerate and heal faster than possible. Thanks to their innovative technology from Vitastem, more people have access to better holistic skincare solutions without worrying about potential side effects associated with traditional antibiotics.

Their topical antibiotic spray offers a much better alternative to oral antibiotics. Unlike other treatments, it does not produce the same negative effects on the body’s internal organs. As such, it does not reduce gut microbial diversity and does not cause damage to the kidneys or positive stomach bacteria as oral antibiotics can do when used for extended periods of time. 

Vitastem Ultra is leading the way in eliminating harmful bacteria including MRSA and Staph Infections from hospitals, nursing homes, and other places of care. Its advanced formula has been tested against all known bacteria, with extraordinary results in each instance over the past decade. In addition to being incredibly effective, Vitastem Ultra is easy to use; with just a few minutes of contact time, the product will begin working to eliminate microorganisms that can otherwise cause serious health issues. 

By introducing this innovative antibiotic into global healthcare facilities, patients and staff can be confident your administration team is taking proactive steps towards ensuring an optimum hygiene environment, which puts safety first.

Vitastem’s patent pending transdermal drug delivery technology helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing systems and accelerate tissue regrowth, promote tissue regeneration, and help to prevent infection – all while greatly reducing the duration of recovery time.

The Bottom Line on Vitastem Ultra for Wound Care…

If you work at a hospital or nursing home, you really need to consider always having this product on hand – especially for a more effective wound care treatment! With its remarkable success rate in preventing countless amputations, the patients who have used Vitastem Ultra experienced decreased hospital stays and an increased life expectancy due to less time spent in recovery. 

This is one of the most innovative topical antibiotics available and can revolutionize the medical field in several ways. Vitastem makes it possible for healthcare providers to treat even the most severe wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and even infections like staph & MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) with a much greater chance of success at healing them.

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