How Wondershare FamiSafe Keeps Your Kids Safe With Help of Screen Time and Web Filters

Did you know that 53% of kids have smartphones by the time they turn seven? That’s a big deal. This means we live in a world where keeping our kids safe isn’t just about keeping an eye on them in the park. It’s also about monitoring their online activities. That’s where Wondershare FamiSafe comes in. This app helps parents track what their kids do on their phones and online. 

Its new 7.0 version comes with brand new features, such as a separate Features tab in the bottom tab bar that has four sections: Device Activity, Content Safety, Location Service, and Web Safety. Parents can now access any feature they want with just one click.

Here are the AI Features in FamiSafe Version 7.0:

Designated Role: Education Expert for Parents

  • Answering Parental Questions: The AI can provide responses to questions from parents, regardless of the language used.
  • Inappropriate Content Alerts: It can detect and notify parents when inappropriate content is searched by children on web browsers.

Default Identity: Children’s Companion

  • Answering Children’s Questions: The AI responds to children’s questions in a child-friendly manner, offering age-appropriate responses.
  • Preset Questions: It provides preset questions to encourage children to ask questions and engage with the AI.

Another cool feature is the addition of a Schedule Page where parents can set customized rules and time limits for their kids screen time, app restriction, and web filters to block unsuitable content. 

Don’t miss out on this newer version because shortly, we’ll discuss everything about FamiSafe in this review and how you, as a parent, can benefit from this super cool app. So, if you’re a parent who’s worried sick about the potential dangers of the online world and what your child might encounter, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to make the digital world safer for them.

Importance of Keeping an Eye on Screen Time

You’ve probably seen it—a kid so attached to a screen that the rest of the world might as well not exist. Maybe it’s even your kid. Let’s face it: screens are a big part of our lives, but too much screen time can mess things up for children.

First, staring at screens for too long is harsh for their eyes. We’re talking about eye strain and headaches. Then there needs to be physical activity. When kids spend too much time on their devices, they’re not running around, riding bikes, or doing other things that help keep them healthy. 

Also, let’s not forget how smartphones have ruined our sleep schedules. Even adults are not safe from their influence anymore. Parents need to be extra careful so their kids can get the sleep their bodies desperately need in their developing years. 

But there’s more to too much screen time than that. Having a device in their hands 24/7 can mean your kids can easily stumble into a territory that’s not meant for their eyes. There’s plenty of violent, scary, and inappropriate content on the web that your kid doesn’t need to know about in their early stages of life. And sometimes, they might even stumble into talking to strangers online, which is a big no-no.

That’s why it is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on what your kid is doing online. And because that’s not possible every single second the device is in their hands, Wondershare FamiSafe is the go-to app for you. This app lets you keep tabs on what apps your kids are using and for how long. You can even set time limits. This way, you’re helping your kids use their time better and ensuring they’re staying safe while on their devices.

Wondershare FamiSafe: Your Family’s Digital Guardian

Wondershare is the company behind FamiSafe. This company has been around since 2003 and is a big name in the software world. Millions of people trust this company because it has users from over 150 countries. That’s a lot of trust you can count on!

What makes Wondershare FamiSafe unique? Above anything, its focus on making powerful and easy-to-use technology. Wondershare has tons of different products that help you do everything: from editing videos to managing your PDFs. They’re like your go-to place for solving all your digital problems.

FamiSafe is one of the best Wondershare products. This app is designed to be a virtual assistant to help parents keep their kids safe in the digital world. Some of its major features that parents love are its ability to monitor screen time, filter web content, and track their kid’s physical location. The best part? It works on every device. Whether you own a Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, or Kindle, Wondershare FamiSafe will stay by your side.

So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that can keep tabs on your ki’s online presence  while also setting a limited screen time, Wondershare FamiSafe is a solid choice. The driving force behind Wondershare’s every product is to make life easier for everyone in this digital age so they can stay safe without compromising on evolving. And that’s something we can all appreciate.

Key Features of Wondershare FamiSafe

Wondershare FamiSafe has got you covered when it comes to keeping your child safe online. Here are some key features of this software so you know what’s in store for you and your kid:

  • AI Assistant

This is a new feature introduced in the latest 7.0 version of Wondershare FamiSafe, keeping in view the fact that parents can need quick guidance and answers to their on-the-spot queries. They can simply ask the AI Assistant whether their child’s device usage is suitable for their age or any other query they can think of and can get immediate answers.

AI Assistant also sends alerts directly to parents letting them know their child is watching inappropriate content or is on a harmful website. 

  • Screen Time

The Screen Time feature allows parents to monitor how much time their kids are spending on their devices. You get a detailed breakdown of all the apps your kid is using, for how long, and which app your child is spending most of their time on. This makes it easier for you, as a parent, to understand your kid’s digital habits. Parents can also set schedules to block specific apps during study or bedtime, offering a balanced digital lifestyle for kids.

  • Activity Report

Activity Report is like a daily summary of your child’s phone usage. It tells you which apps have been accessed and for how long. It also notifies you about newly installed or removed apps. This feature provides a comprehensive view of your child’s digital activity, helping you make informed decisions about their online safety.

  • YouTube app Control

YouTube is a platform filled with diverse content, some of which may not be suitable for children. FamiSafe’s YouTube app Control feature allows parents to monitor the videos their kids watch, like, or comment on. It also enables parents to block specific videos or channels that they find inappropriate. This ensures a safer and more controlled YouTube experience for your child.

All these features are compatible with multiple platforms, including Android and iOS, making it convenient for parents to manage digital safety regardless of their child’s device. With FamiSafe, you monitor and actively contribute to your child’s online well-being.


Let’s talk about the pricing for Wondershare FamiSafe. So, you’ve got two main choices: the Monthly Plan and the Annual Plan.

The Monthly Plan costs $10.99 each month. You can cancel it anytime you want. If you want to add a feature called Geonection, add $1 more for the month. Simple as that!

If you’re thinking long-term, the Annual Plan is a good deal. It’s $60.99 for the whole year. That’s like getting a big discount! Plus, you can protect up to 10 devices with this plan. If you also want to get Geonection with your Annual Plan, you pay only an extra $1 for the first month and then $2 each month after that if you want to keep using it.

So, which plan is the best option for you, you ask? If you want to test out the software and see whether it’s doing your job well, you can get the Monthly Plan in the start. However, you can switch to the Annual Plan once you feel like it’s a keeper and you can’t do without it. The Annual Plan also saves you more money in the long run, which is a feasible option for you, especially if you have more than one kid.

You can cancel both the plans any time you want, which is a huge plus.

Objectives of Wondershare FamiSafe

Raising kids in this tech-savvy world is a challenge on its own. You can’t just break ties with every gadget you own for the sake of your kid. What you really need is teaching your kids the proper way to use a digital device and monitoring their activity before they learn how to navigate that world on their own. Let’s talk about some simple ways you can do that. 

  • Monitor Your Kids’ Phone Activity

Although trust plays a pivotal role in building a strong relationship with your kids, keeping an eye on what your kids are doing on their phones is necessary in the start when they are naive and have little idea about the dangers of the online world. 

Knowing what grabs their attention can help you understand them better and keep them safe. It’s like a window into their digital world.

  • Keep the Content Safe

Let’s face it: there are no filters on the web. You can find tons of inappropriate content with one misstep, thanks to AI. To protect your child from stumbling onto content they shouldn’t be seeing at a tender age, a few strong filters in place would keep your mind at ease. This way, you can relax without worrying about what your kid is watching.

  • Web Safety

Speaking of the internet, you want your kids to explore and learn, but you also want them to be safe. A web safety feature can help block harmful sites or content that’s not good for them. You get peace of mind, and they can have fun online without the risks.

  • Your Family Location Tracker

Knowing where your kids are in real time can be a significant relief. A quick glance at your phone can keep you updated on their current location. So, you can go to work in peace without worrying about whether your child has got home safely or is still at school. 

These are some of the ways Wondershare FamiSafe helps you stay a super parent in this digital age. You only need the right tool to help you.


Staying on top of things as a parent in this digital age can be very difficult. Especially, if you’re a working parent, a single parent, or just a parent who needs an extra pair of eyes to keep an eye on their children. 

Wondershare Famisafe aims to become that virtual assistant for you to make your life easier. It keeps your kid’s screen time in check, while enabling web filters to ensure they stay in the safe zone without venturing into dangerous territory.

Above all, the best thing about the software is to limit your child’s phone usage, urging them to get off their phones and get some fresh air. Wondershare knows you want to raise kids who appreciate the value of time and can let go of their devices when there is a life to live beyond the digital.