How You Can Guide Your Children to Learn Safe Driving

When you send your children to a driving school, the first priority will be to obtain a driving license for them. Once your child gets his/her driving license, he or she will be eligible to drive independently.

However, do you know if your child is driving safely? During the initial stage of learning, if they pick up any wrong habits, it will carry on. Therefore, it is necessary to correct bad habits early before they become permanent habits. 

LTrent Driving School provides a Safer Drivers Course for drivers who already know how to drive but need some correction so that they can drive safely on the road.

As a parent of your child, you can do the following so that your children can build safe driving habits right from the beginning: 

  1. You can accompany your child while he or she drives the car after coming back from driving school and correct if you notice any bad driving habits.
  2. After your child manages to obtain his or her driver’s license, ask them to drive and watch while he or she drives on the road with full traffic. You may also take them at night out and ask them to drive. Correct them if you notice any mistakes in their driving.
  3. You must continue to accompany your child while he or she drives until you are fully satisfied with their driving skills. Don’t allow them to drive independently.  
  4. If you notice too many flaws in their driving, then you can send them to any safer driving course that is meant for licensed drivers.   
  5. You must ensure that your child is following all the traffic rules and driving safely on the road.

The following are a few road-safety rules that you must teach your child:

  1. Wearing the seat belt while driving
  2. Never use their mobile phone while they are driving a vehicle
  3. Follow the speed limits of the road as prescribed
  4. Ensure that your child always checks his/her blind spot 
  5. Make sure that they never drive in the blind spots of someone else
  6. Never take any alcohol or drugs before driving
  7. Make sure that your child has enough sleep before going for a long drive
  8. They must turn on the headlights while driving during night time
  9. They should avoid carrying more passengers

Any violation of these rules will result in a penalty of some sort. Minor infractions are met with a severe warning. Repeated transgressions and major offences will result in the loss of his or her keys. You decide how long you want to refuse them permission to drive.

As parents, you have the responsibility and also the obligation of helping your children in their growth, and in this case, by stepping in a teaching them how to drive safely. When their foundation is strong, then they will become responsible drivers and as a parent, you have to play your role.

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