How You Can Save Money with Your AC

Using your air conditioning unit can end you up with a skyrocketing electricity bill, and this can be quite a burden. Nevertheless, doing away with your air conditioner is not a good option either. 

Luckily, some solutions and tricks can keep your home cool while saving money at the same time. When the heat of summer becomes too unbearable, the most ideal solution is to simply switch your AC unit on. But to keep your power bill low, you should learn how to use your AC economically, so that your house becomes comfortable while keeping your budget in check.   

Let’s get started with several tips on how to use your AC better and save money in the best way possible.  

Cover the Windows  

During warm weather, most of the sunlight that strikes your windows enters your home in the form of heat. Installing solar screens on your windows or mesh-like window screens will work well for you, as they intercept solar energy before entering your house. These window screens are quite effective on windows facing east and west.   

Install the screens outside so that they can catch energy from the sunlight before moving through the glass. You can also go for window films as these can help save money in the long run. These are metal sheets that work by reflecting the heat before it can pass through a glass. Take note that you should close the windows for the window films to work, while solar screens can keep the sunlight out (and insects) even if your windows are open.  

If you have window blinds, close them during the hottest time of the day to keep the sun out. The blinds can also help in insulating your windows,  preventing the cold air from moving outside.   

Routine Cleaning and Maintenance of Your AC Unit  

An important tip to help save money, especially during the summer months, is to regularly clean and maintain your AC. Whether you have a split or ducted AC system, it pays to have your unit serviced by an expert ducted air conditioning Brisbane provider.   

Make sure that your unit undergoes regular maintenance while cleaning or replacing the filters to ensure optimum efficiency. If the filters are dirty, your AC will work harder, meaning it will utilize more energy and result in a higher power bill.   

Use a Fan  

During warm days, a fan is an ideal alternative to cool your house. Fans are generally cheap and produce less greenhouse gas emissions than other cooling products in the market. Using a ceiling fan can help lower the temperature of the room by 10 degrees cooler.  

Do not forget to check your fan’s power consumption efficiency before buying, since models in the market can range from 54W to 100W. You can also go for a high-tech option by installing smart ceiling fans. A smart fan allows you to set the times when the fan would turn on and off using an app, while also controlling the speed.   

Check the Humidity Level  

Most people believe that an HVAC unit can manage the heating and cooling needs of your house. However, it would be best if you took into consideration the humidity level inside your home. The solution is to buy a dehumidifier to help cool down your house.  

Plant Trees around Your House  

One way to reduce your electricity bill while keeping your house cool is to plant trees around your home. The trees will provide shade to block the sunlight and make your house cooler.   

Most of the warmth that builds up inside your home comes from the sun, as sunlight strikes your roof and windows. It might be time to plant tall trees on the south side of your property and broad trees on the east and west sides.   

Switching Off Heat-Producing Sources  

Several appliances inside your house produce heat, such as your computer, television, and  the oven. They generate significant heat and force your AC to work harder to cool down the temperature. If you are not using any of these appliances, turn them off to lower your next power bill.   

Correct the Position of the Thermostat  

When your thermostat is on the external wall or close to a window, it provides incorrect readings and can prematurely and frequently kick on your AC unit. In such instances, you will require the services of an HVAC contractor to reposition your thermostat. Although it will require you to spend on the service, hiring the best aircon servicing can help save money on your air conditioning in the long run. It might also be time to upgrade to a smart thermostat to help efficiently control the temperature.   

On warm days, the AC is your best friend. You can’t help but turn on your unit to keep you comfortable and relaxed. However, you need to be wise by keeping your power bill low. You can keep your budget in check by regularly cleaning your AC unit, using a fan, checking the humidity level inside your home, planting trees around your house, switching off heat-producing appliances, and placing your thermostat in the right position.

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