10 Best Field Service Management Software for Small Businesses in 2023

Field services is a difficult business to break into and scale.

Not only do you have to deal with so many different aspects of the business, but quite often you need to do them remotely.

From scheduling and dispatching to managing work orders, inventories, and contracts, serving your customers according to their preferences can prove to be daunting.

Then there’s a lack of skilled workforce, outdated service technologies, a struggle to meet customer SLAs, and other challenges to overcome.

In an industry where worker productivity is the absolute key, many field workers need not spend time on irrelevant tasks.

To get a better understanding of how this happens, the Service Council reports that 73% of field technicians spend too much time on paperwork in their day-to-day work.

How much time and money could you save by using an automated system?

That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss the 10 best field service management software you should consider for your small business.

1. LiveView GPS 

LiveView GPS is an advanced GPS tracking SaaS platform that helps you track your business assets.

It offers different plans for different use cases. There’s vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and equipment tracking. You can use it for both personal and business use.

You’ll be able to evaluate how your employees are using the provided vehicles, as well as monitor their driving behavior and vehicle operation data.

Unlike other GPS tracking systems, LiveView GPS offers much more flexibility. You can use either 4G LTE or Satellite asset tracking. It also allows you to choose among almost 20 products to suit your needs.

Whether you need assistance with asset tracking or fleet management, LiveView GPS can handle your needs effectively.

Key features include:

  • Live and real-time GPS tracking with accurate position updates, historical playback, instant alert notifications, and customizable reporting.
  • Powerful back-end web-based GPS systems that are government and network certified and laboratory tested. Easy-to-use web management interfaces.
  • Standard high-resolution image mapping.
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports to manage your organization’s expenses.
  • Real-time vehicle speed alerts with Speed Gauge Safety Center Integration. Also integrates with Driver ID with key FOB.

You can explore all the available LiveView GPS solutions and pick a product that feels right for you.

2. Jobber

Jobber is a field service management software suite that makes home services easy.

It started its journey in 2011 and has served over 200K service professionals till now.

Jobber makes booking customers effortless with their online booking and scheduling tools. You can get customers to book an appointment, control your schedule, and send back professional quotes.

With just one-click conversion, you can eliminate triple-entry booking. Easily transform a quote to a job and a job to an invoice.

The client hub lets your customers request work, approve quotes, view visit details, and make payments. They can also view the appointed team members with their past and upcoming projects.

Key features include:

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM) for tracking client details regardless of your location.
  • Online job booking for customers and automatic job scheduling based on your preferences.
  • Build custom job forms and checklists to share with your customers and team members.
  • Financial management and reporting tools to keep track of your business finances and monitor performance.
  • Real-time and flexible scheduling system to get field jobs done faster. Makes you less prone to booking errors and efficiently routes your visits.

3. CliniConnects 

CliniConnects is an intelligent scheduling software for in-home businesses, focusing on medical services providers.

Whether you have a therapy business, rehab business, home care business, healthcare business, or nursing business, CliniConnects has you covered with their all-in-one field service management software solution.

With just a few clicks, you can add clinicians to your team. You can use referral sources to match them with the right patients.

CliniConnects enables you to focus more on the business and do the administrative tasks on your behalf. No more remembering member details or manual recruiting.

Some of its features are

  • Automated scheduling system with algorithm matching between clinician and patient. You can customize the clinician attributes to get the best possible match.
  • Powerful billing system to generate invoices and track payments per visit. Manage payrolls with the automated agency rate and clinician pay system for better profit margin control.
  • Real-time data and analytics and an all-in-one secure location help you gain insights and identify areas of improvement.
  • Automated clinician credential processing allows you to keep track of expiry dates and receive renewal reminders.
  • Integrates with your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system using API. You can also request custom integrations.

4. Zelos Team Management 

Zelos is a simple mobile team management app for regular and convenient human interaction.

Starting back in 2018, the founders wanted to create a solution for the fast mobilization of large teams and get productive outcomes. 

Zelos makes manpower coordination and day labor management hassle-free. With a live job board and instant chat, you can distribute work among members and get feedback on the progress.

Self-sign-up allows you to scale your workforce both ways as per your needs. Unlike workforce automation tools, Zelos offers more flexibility for potential employees.

Key features include:

  • Organize your tasks and shifts, and assign them to the correct team members. Your team members can also choose the tasks and schedules themselves.
  • Customizable member database to collect member information using simple entry forms.
  • Flexible chat rooms for effective communication. Create 1 on 1, group, or dynamic conversation environments. You can also announce important notices.
  • Easy field service dispatching and real-time scheduling so you can get updates on signups and job progress.
  • A shared to-do list where members can browse and claim work that fits their abilities and time. Create a leaderboard to gamify the whole experience.

You can go for the free forever plan and start your first project in a few minutes with Zelos Team Management.

5. SaaSJet 

SaasJet is a Project Management software to boost efficiency with a special focus on cloud platforms and Google Workspace.

It has over 15 tools and add-ons you can use to boost your productivity in cloud projects. Most of these software are for Atlassian products such as Jira.

SaasJet will help you monitor your project KPIs, workflow dynamics, and team member progress. This allows you to identify the problems your business is facing and ways to minimize them.

From marketplace insights to managing recurring checklists and reports, SaaSJet has the right tools you need to analyze the performance data and make better decisions.

It offers many features including

  • Generate 7 types of time reports to calculate status time and get graphical data views. You can extract the data for future analysis.
  • Comprehensive issue history to track updates. Supports advanced filtering using date ranges.
  • Add custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) timers to issues and track them. You can also use status triggers to control the SLA.
  • Smart Jira forms to create dynamic forms. Share the forms to collect surveys and feedback from users.
  • Business process manager to create and automate process management workflow for Jira.

6. Apploye 

Apploye is a time-tracking software for desktops, mobile devices, and remote teams.

It has a suite of apps meant for tracking employee work hours, managing tasks, and handling payments.

As a field service management software, Apploye also enables you to track your remote workers and keep their attendance records using the clock-in and clock-out features.

You get an intuitive dashboard that acts as your centralized command center. You can monitor everything and get performance data so you know how efficient your workforce is.

Key features include:

  • Task management system to create and assign tasks to employees. Use the time tracker to measure how much time was put into a task.
  • Field service tracking with employee GPS location. Manage field service using automated attendance of workers.
  • Advanced reporting and dashboard view of key metrics in team productivity. Monitor work activities and compare individual performance.
  • Live feed and instant screenshot system so you can monitor which staff is working on which task. Track apps with usage time.
  • Handle payrolls according to the correct hours worked on a project. Check payment rates, send payments, and keep track of the payroll history.

7. vWork 

vWork is a cloud-based job scheduling and dispatch software designed for mobile worker management.

It helps you make data-driven efficient scheduling and dispatching decisions. 

You can gain a customized experience with templated workflows, custom tags, and branded portals for customers.

Drag and drop with smart rule-based fields makes scheduling and dispatching as easy as you want. You can also automate repetitive tasks like reporting, job confirmation emails, or risk assessments.

vWork integrates with a lot of business software such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Salesforce. This can extend its functionality significantly.

Key features include:

  • Smart tags for workers so you can assign the right task to the right person. Smart equipment tags allow limiting equipment use to only specific tasks.
  • Reporting tools to monitor employee utilization statistics, managing deadlines, and automatic job reports.
  • Keep proof of services by recording the job progress. You can also include verification as a third-party signature or photo.
  • Branded customer portals where your clients can request their own jobs from you. You can link it from your website.
  • Update your customers about field worker locations using a live map link in the delivery emails and SMSes.

8. BeatRoute 

BeatRoute is a sales enablement platform geared towards retail businesses.

This enterprise SaaS platform helps you achieve your field sales and distribution goals through powerful workflows. Some of its main targets are businesses in the FMCG, manufacturing, pharma, and consumer goods industries.

With a collection of field sales apps, distribution management software, customer apps, and influencer apps, BeatRoute is well-equipped to successfully execute your business strategy.

It has a modular design. That means you can only purchase the required apps for your business instead of subscribing to the whole thing.

This makes it an ideal choice as a field service management software for small businesses.

Key features include:

  • AI-powered digital order tracking to collect and maximize order volume without the need to visit physically.
  • Real-time data and reports so that you can get insights on store-level investments, team performance, and the effectiveness of trade schemes.
  • Route optimization for assessing the viability of new areas and calculating travel cost estimations.
  • GPS tracking for sales representatives including beat plans and data-driven ad-hoc plans.
  • Integration with 300+ programs including CRMs, communication tools, cloud services, accounting software, ERPs, and HRMSes.

9. Empfly 

Empfly is a bespoke SaaS company specializing in enterprise management software.

It’s a one-stop solution for managing employee access, attendance, expense, visits, etc.

Empfly offers smart business solutions tailor-made for your company for a structured workflow and an artificial intelligence-led user experience.

The attendance management system in Empfly is hands down one of the best you’ll find. 

With touchless visitor and employer access, QR Code identification, Facial Recognition, and customized access points, you can keep track of your staff’s working hours easily.

You can also monitor team productivity with URL and app tracking, idle time tracking, and a productivity calculator. All from a single interactive dashboard.

Key features include:

  • Field service management software for location monitoring, geofence alerts, ride expense automation, and real-time task assignment and supervision.
  • AI-driven Attendance manager app with biometric recording. Get real-time images from staff to mark their attendance.
  • Managed expense solutions for handling expense requests, ride expenses, advance pay, and approval routing. Comes with AI receipt imaging and reporting.
  • Managed travel services with analytics on travel spend and travel marketplace booking system.
  • Integration with other HR and payroll systems with the help of an API.

10. HappSales 

HappSales is a suite of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for client-facing executives.

It offers a full-fledged solution for the customer lifecycle starting from account management, lead management, sales, and services, all the way to receivables, and customer success.

They have a dedicated digital assistant, Ami, who will help you get work done faster. You can send voice or text commands for creating records, filling notes, or collecting information.

Key features include:

  • Intelligent field service management software with scheduling, activity management, configurable forms and templates, attendance management, and performance dashboards.
  • A comprehensive CRM for managing leads, sales, services, accounts receivable, and customer success. Comes with a voice-enabled mobile app with a personal assistant.
  • Account intelligence features to track all business data related to stakeholders and the company. Digital assistant, automated account duplication checks, and account segmentation help you make informed decisions.
  • Unified activity management module to handle various activities including meetings, demos, service visits, collections, calls, trade shows, and more. Manage activity status and tag and link activities accurately to an account.
  • Intelligent location tracking using GPS. Measure local travel expenses and create personalized reports.


If you want to scale your field services management business, then there’s no alternative to choosing the correct software suite.

By delegating and automating repetitive administrative tasks, you can focus on boosting your company productivity, get back lost time, and generate more revenue.

In fact, ReachOut reports that 89% of customers agree to pay a premium for modern, on-demand scheduling. With your customer success on the line, you can only digitize your services and offer a more pleasant experience for them.

Get started with any of the best field service management software today.

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