Humbled Trader Review – What You Need to Know for 2023

There has been a lot of hype recently on the topic of day trading and its increasing popularity is well-founded. Though day trading is often marketed as a “get rich quick” scheme, many unfortunately have learned this is not often the case. 

The most successful day traders certainly live a life of luxury. But that’s only the few and the proud. Only 10% of day traders can label themselves successful–it is a serious business. 

But if you believe you have what it takes, Humbled Trader may be for you. This Humbled Trader review offers an in-depth guide for those who are serious about day trading. 

The Humble Beginnings

Humbled Trader will not tell you that you’re going to get rich overnight–they know better. The founder, Shay, aptly named the platform after losing thousands of dollars by attempting to take shortcuts. 

Shay learned her lesson, realized she needed to adjust her methods and developed concrete strategies for day trading to share with the world. She started uploading videos on YouTube to showcase her newfound skills. 

Shay totaled over 900,000 subscribers in less than four years and now has over 40,000 followers on Twitter. Her philosophy is simple: stay away from the Jay Gatsby and Jordan Belfort-style partying scenes you see on other platforms.

Instead, Shay shows her audience that day trading takes hard work. This transparency is likely one of the reasons Humbled Trader has received all this praise in a short amount of time.

Humbled Trader Review – The Rundown

Just like any other trading platform on the market, Humbled Trader comes with its forms of pros and cons. But you’ll likely find that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

For example, one of Humbled Trader’s attractive qualities is a comprehensive education program where you learn the art of day trading from Shay and a team of experienced coaches. Members can also connect with other day traders via Discord channel, a member-only chat room, to learn and grow in a community atmosphere. 

What puts Humbled Trader in a league of its own–apart from other platforms such as TopStepTrader and Edgewonk–is the Humbled Trader Academy, launched in November of 2021. Joining the academy unlocks features such as:

  • Over 12 hours of videos
  • Step-by-step trading strategies for beginners and experts alike
  • Downloadable guides, cheat sheets and trading tools
  • Quizzes to assess your learning

One turn-off of Humbled Trader, however, is its cost–it is fairly steep. But if you are serious about day trading, however, paying the hefty fee may keep you more disciplined and motivated. 

Humbled Trader Key Features

Humbled Trader makes it difficult to describe all of its features. This is because HT is so simple that there isn’t a ton of different plans and prices. Competitors such as TraderSync offer free, pro, premium and elite subscriptions.

How are you supposed to know which one is for you? Fortunately, with Humbled Trader, you don’t have to compare.

“We only offer one product now and that’s called the Humbled Trader Community,” said the Humbled Trader support team. “It is an annual membership subscription that includes access to all of our membership features including the Academy, trading chatroom and room.”

Perhaps the greatest feature is that you don’t have to look at all the features to determine which one suits you best. Humbled Trader is a one-size-fits-all platform for novices and experts alike. 

What’s Included?

Humbled Trader currently offers 133 lessons–divided into units–and it is growing continuously. Here is an overview of the first five units:

  • Introduction – The introduction is the welcome video where you learn what to expect from the program. You’ll meet Shay in a 15-minute video where she details her road to success.
  • Unit 3 – This is where students finally get the roadmap to success. It emphasizes the roadmap’s four stages and how to set realistic expectations.
  • Unit 4 – Day trading comes with terminology that new traders probably have never heard. Unit 4 prepares members for what lies ahead and gives them a downloadable PDF with all the key terms.
  • Unit 5 – The fifth unit goes into detail about brokers and trading platforms. Traders learn in a simulated trading platform that inhabits real market conditions. 

So What About the Price?

Taking a play from Humbled Trader’s playbook, we too want to be fully transparent. To join Humbled Trader will cost you $1,870. 

This provides full access for one year and it will automatically renew once that year is up. But should you find that Humbled Trader isn’t for you, you can get a refund if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have requested the refund within 10 days from the date of purchase
  • You have only accessed the first two modules on the platform

Is Humbled Trader for Me?

You have heard the phrase before: It works if you work it. Humbled Trader is a platform where you get out what you put in. 

That said, the value is superb with the Academy, lesson units and educational content. Though the price is a little high, if you use the platform wisely, you should have no problem getting your initial investment back and then some. 

If you’re ready to take the first step and see if Humbled Trader is for you, click here to get started today.