iCon: The Evolution of Affiliate Conventions

A new era in the world of affiliate conferences is on the horizon. iCon, conceived from the ambition of creating the optimal convention experience, promises to deliver exactly that. Pioneered by affiliates for affiliates, iCon combines industry expertise with the idyllic setting of Cyprus, sculpting an event that matches the ever-evolving needs of the affiliate industry.

A Meeting Point for the Industry’s Leaders

iCon has been designed to facilitate the meeting of minds. It invites thousands of advertisers, publishers, and affiliates to converge over two days filled with opportunities for networking. Attendees can look forward to a rich program of speeches and panels featuring the industry’s key figures and brightest minds discussing the latest trends and topics.

Beyond the business-oriented core, iCon provides a unique cultural and entertainment experience. Special events and parties set against the backdrop of Cyprus’s picturesque landscapes offer attendees a chance to unwind, network, and enjoy Europe’s largest casino resort.

A Venue Like No Other

City of Dreams Limassol, Europe’s first ever integrated and largest casino resort, is the chosen venue for iCon. Perfectly encapsulating iCon’s vision, it offers an unrivaled blend of business and leisure. With its prime expo centre, luxury accommodations, and award-winning dining options, it sets the stage for a conference experience unlike any other.

Backed by Industry Experience

Behind iCon is the well-established Nexxie Group, recognized in the industry as an advertiser, publisher, marketing agency, and service provider. With their extensive knowledge and influence, they’re ideally positioned to bring iCon to life. Their team of driven and talented individuals have come together to architect a unique and future-focused affiliate conference.

Managed by Seasoned Event Organizers

The Haze team, with bases in Athens and Cyprus, takes the helm in event management and public relations for iCon. Known for hosting some of the most exclusive events of the past decade, Haze ensures that every detail is brilliantly organized and executed. Their partnerships with top performers and DJs around the world promise an event experience that’s memorable.

Featuring Industry Leaders

Among the notable speakers attending iCon are key influencers and industry veterans, including Dayna Deruelle from Adnium, Michael Reul of Traffic Partner, Gala Grigoreva from Adsterra, Craig Campbell of SEO LTD, Evan Zirdelis from ExoClick, and others. These leaders will provide unique insights into the affiliate industry, offering invaluable learning opportunities for attendees.

iCon is more than a conference; it’s a celebration of the affiliate industry, a platform for networking and growth, and an unforgettable experience waiting to happen. Prepare to immerse yourself in two days of business, leisure, and entertainment, all under the sunny skies of Cyprus.

iCon: Shaping the Future of Affiliate Conferences

The affiliate industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, and its conventions must adapt accordingly to remain relevant. iCon represents this adaptation and the future of affiliate conferences. Its unique blend of industry insight, professional networking, and leisure activities in an exceptional setting is a blueprint for modern industry conventions.

Rather than confining delegates to lecture halls and stale networking events, iCon offers a holistic experience. It combines the critical aspects of professional development, industry trend analysis, and networking with the rejuvenating benefits of the stunning Cypriot landscape and the luxurious City of Dreams Limassol.

The experience iCon offers is not merely about attending a conference, but about participating in a collective evolution of the affiliate industry. It reflects the shift from monotonous to dynamic, from standard to standout, from passive attendance to active engagement.

As the affiliate industry continues to expand and innovate, its conventions must parallel this growth and adaptation. iCon, with its forward-thinking approach, is not just a conference. It’s a trailblazer in the new era of affiliate conventions, one that will set the tone for future industry events worldwide.

With iCon leading the way, the future of affiliate conventions is bright, promising, and set to exceed all expectations. In its evolution, the affiliate conference has transformed from a simple gathering into a fully-fledged experience, and iCon is the epitome of this transformation. One thing is certain: iCon is the future of affiliate conventions, and the future is here.

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