ICTFAX: The ultimate Fax Server Software for your Business

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Fax Server Software:

A type of computer software called fax server software enables companies to send and receive faxes online. Either an email system or the Internet directly can be used for this. Businesses can send and receive faxes without a dedicated fax line, from anywhere in the world, at a lower cost, and with fax server software’s ability to interact with other applications like customer relationship management, among many other advantages (CRM).

Introduction to ICTFAX Fax Server Software:

An open-source, multi-tenant Internet faxing software solution is called ICTFax. It is built using the Angular Framework, ICTCore, and FreeSWITCH. Unlimited users, re-branding, multi-tenancy, and white labeling are all supported. Similar to how eFax, Fax Zero, and other online fax service providers operate, it enables users to offer Internet fax services to their clients.

ICTFAX is a gateway software application that allows PSTN faxing, T.38, G.711 pass-through, extensions, and REST APIs. Rest-APIs give companies a framework for automating business operations and allow Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to offer their clients inbound and outbound fax services. 

White label and multi-tenant support are features of the ICTFax Service Provider Edition that enable users to offer hosted fax services to their clients.

Features of ICTFAX Fax Server Software:

The feature of ICTFAX Fax Server Software are as follows:

i)Open Source

ii)White Label


iv)Web to FAX

v)FAX to Web

vi)Email to FAX

vii)FAX to Email

viii)Support Unlimited Users

ix)Support PDF, TIF, PNG, and JPG files

x)Support Gateway Extensions

xi)Download Receive FAX in PDF format

xii)Support T.38 and G.11pass through protocols

How does ICTFAX Fax Server Software benefit us?

ICTFAX Fax Server Software benefits us with four easy steps:

i)Web to Fax

ii)Fax to Web

iii)Email to FAX 

iv)FAX to Email

By using these four steps we can use ICTFAX FAX Server Software for sending and receiving Fax without using the fax machine. 

Send FAX by Web to FAX:

It allows us to send faxes through the internet using either a fax machine or a fax server, this process of sending faxes is called Web to FAX.

Receive FAX by FAX to Web:

FAX to Web refers to the process of receiving faxes when they are received online via a fax server or fax machine.

When you want to send and receive fax by email and fax and fax to email.

Send your FAX by Email to FAX:

You can send it through email to fax by using your user registration email address.

To: faxnumber@DOMAIN_COM

Subject: Write something here

Body: Write something here

Attachment: pdf files

Then press the button to send the fax.

Receive your FAX by FAX to Email:

When we offer an email address to the administrator, the administrator can make a user and then give us a DID number. As a result, we can receive faxes using this DID number. With the help of fax to email, we can also receive faxes. Your admin will create a user for you and provide you with a DID number after receiving an email address from you. You will be given a DID number in the form of an email. You will receive all faxes sent to this email address in your mailbox.

How do we get Benefit from ICTFAX Fax Server Software?

The fact that faxing is a dependable communication tool that enables you to safely and securely communicate documents with your clients and colleagues is one of the primary reasons it has stayed relevant in today’s technologically advanced world. The receiver receives the files in a couple of moments. There are more ways than you would imagine that faxing is beneficial to your business. Traditionally, a fax machine is a sole way to send faxes. But there are now a few different approaches you can use. Using an ICTFAX FAX Server Software is one of them. It offers security, document management, scalability, time savings, cost savings, and increased productivity.

It helps your company and organization increase the percentage of sales conversations. By sending faxes using the ICTFAX Fax server software, it can also provide security for your valuable documents, lowering the risk of loss.

ICTFAX: The Ultimate Fax Server Software for your Business:

It is also true that each business organization has different needs for sending and receiving faxes. As a result, you must base your choice on the capabilities and integration of the fax software. You may choose the one that best meets your company’s demands with the help of user-friendly filtering features, thorough information, and customer reviews included in the best fax server software.

ICTFAX Fax Server Software is the ideal option if you want to get the best fax server software for your company. It is a complete fax server software with feature-rich capability that is very useful for your enterprises and other organizations where fax service is required. The best and most effective solution for you and your company, if you’re looking for a way to cut costs and save time on your business’s faxing requirements, is to invest in fax server software like ICTFAX Fax Server Software, one of the most amazing open-source fax server software. It is built on ICTCore and Free Switch.

Re-branding, Multi-tenant and Unlimited Users are additional features offered. T.38, G.711, Extensions/ATA, REST APIs, Email to Fax, Fax to Email, and Web to Fax are all supported by this gateway application. Our Rest-APIs enable businesses to automate business procedures while also enabling internet telephony service providers to provide the following services to their customers.

It is quite advantageous for your company and any other organization that requires fax service. It is simple to fit in your pocket because it can be installed on a variety of platforms and devices. It has an advantage over other similar applications in that it is compatible with all widely used software including HylaFAX, iFax, and Interfax. The convenience of being accessible around-the-clock helps to take your business to a new level.

In the past, delivering many papers through fax would require more time and paper. ICTFAX Fax Server Software simplifies and lowers the cost of the process. The option to fax papers with attachments is available. For a long time, large and established businesses have paid for and purchased fax machines, but new and small enterprises view them as an expense. Startups must strictly avoid using fax machines. All businesses and people strive to reduce their expenses. It is always necessary to maintain costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality. ICTFAX Fax Server Software is the ideal choice for contemporary businesses because it saves time and money. To keep ahead in this competitive world, this is the crucial next step for you. Investing in fax server software, such as ICTFAX Fax Server Software, is a good method to save time and money for your business if faxes are required. As the Ultimate fax server software, ICTFAX has many more advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Save money
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce the cost of paper and phone calls
  • Increase Security
  • Save Money by Sending More Fax Transmissions
  • Faxes are easier to store

After using all these benefits of ICTFAX, we can say that ICTFAX is the Ultimate Fax Server Software. A brief discussion of all these are discussed below:

i)Save Cost:

The initial expenditures of buying a manual fax machine for a business could appear to be cheap. However, the price of printer and ink, paper, fax lines, software upgrades, and maintenance costs can quickly build up over time with frequent use in a busy office. These expenses are frequently unpredictable, particularly when a fax machine fails.

Businesses pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually to run conventional fax machines. Open-source fax services can help you save these costs, states ICTFAX Fax Server Software, the top fax service in the market. It comes with dependable support, making it a stress-free and affordable alternative for your company.

ii)Increase Productivity:

Users of the ICTFAX Fax Server Solution can send and receive faxes directly from their email, doing away with the need to repeatedly contact fax machines to receive faxes. You may increase employee productivity in this way. Users can send faxes from other desktop applications in addition to email. Through APIs, ICTFAX fax servers can also be integrated with applications and business procedures from other parties. Additionally, it offers a fax broadcasting method that is quicker and more effective. In a unified messaging system, where faxes and emails share a common mailbox, you can also deploy a fax server.

iii)Save Cost of Paper and Phone Lines:

Fax is, in a manner, a paper investment. Any business, on average, spends a lot of money on paper every year. ICTFAX Fax Server Software saves money and is eco-sustainable. To use fax machines, a separate phone line must be purchased. Again, ICTFAX Fax Server Software makes it simple to reduce the cost of the lines for these phones.

iv)Enhance Security:

The danger of theft and damage, human error, document loss, and hackers make paper-based fax services very insecure. Incorrect staff may handle paperwork or misplace it together, which could result in a security violation. Invest in company solutions that are simple to use and preserve important data, such as ICTFAX Fax server Software, to avoid taking such risks. Numerous cutting-edge security features are offered, such as data encryption and secure data storage in data centers. A thorough security approach for handling data is essential if your company deals with sensitive information or operates in a highly regulated sector. You may use it to strengthen data security.

v)Save the Cost of Sending a greater number of Faxes:

The recipient’s location is used to determine the cost of sending faxes. A longer distance might incur a larger fee. Faxing in bulk cost a lot of money to print. Both issues were handled using ICTFAX Fax Server Software. Sending a fax to several contacts only requires one click and costs around the same.

vi)Faxes more Easily Stored:

Office managers who wish to ensure that the business complies with regulatory requirements for data retention will find life easier with ICTFAX Fax Server Software. All faxes are kept in electronic files, making it simple to see and back them up. Additionally, there is more transparency because administrators can monitor the movement of papers into and out of the server. These administration benefits may be a major selling factor for fax servers in larger businesses. Through the use of the Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) technology, larger businesses with several fax machines can also reduce their reliance on phone lines. The good news is that even if you cannot afford to invest in a dedicated server, smaller businesses can still benefit from a fax server. A server that performs multiple tasks can have software and a fax modem installed on it. Regardless of how big or little your business is, it is worthwhile to think about the benefits of ICTFAX Fax Server Software.


Businesses and enterprises nowadays need to be adaptable to meet new needs. Your company can easily accommodate more customers while keeping up with high-volume faxing demands due to open-source faxing. The key is selecting fax server software that reduces your business operating costs while being secure and dependable. Does your company require a fax server software solution that is dependable and reasonably priced? For your businesses, use ICTFAX Fax Server Software. You can be guaranteed that all of your faxes are sent and received safely with ICTFAX Fax Server Software due to its end-to-end encryption.

Try ICTFAX Fax Server Software if you wish to send and receive a lot of faxes in your regular work or every month. Using it as you see fit, can be more advantageous for you and your company. It is very good for increasing the productivity of business and sales conversation ratio and enables you to save a lot of time and money. For daily work and tasks, ICTFAX Fax Server Software is very helpful for your company and organizations. It is quite helpful for critical paperwork and various contracts. The risk of losing vital papers must be decreased by transmitting them via fax server or fax machine via the internet. You may send and receive faxes with ease with ICTFAX Fax Server Software. Every organization has to be able to send and receive faxes in large quantities at a low cost to save a lot of time and money. ICTFAX is the finest option for anyone who needs to send out a lot of faxes regularly.

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