Inspiration for Creating an Ideal Learning Environment in Your Home

Houses might not be designed with homeschooling workspaces in mind, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be transformed into great spaces for learning. And while preparing your home to be a learning environment can be intimidating, it can also be full of inspiration and fun.

Inspiration for Creating an Ideal Learning Environment in Your Home
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Let’s jump into a few homeschool space ideas that will help you create an ideal learning environment.

Lean on the Power of Natural Lighting

The natural lighting provided by the sun isn’t just great for getting a tan or warming your toes. It’s also a powerful source of energy for learning. Natural sunlight stimulates cortisol in our brains. This vital hormone in our body is a type of alarm system. It essentially signals to the body that it is time to work or play. Cortisol also regulates our sleep and wake cycle while boosting energy to prepare to manage stress and achieve balance afterward.

In other words, sunlight acts as an on-switch for the brain to begin preparing itself for learning. It helps balance our emotional well-being while preparing us for the physical and mental rigor associated with learning. Allowing natural lighting to be present in your homeschool room setup will make it easier and more productive to engage in remote education.

Organization is Empowering

Have you ever noticed that your mind finds it difficult to focus or pay attention when there is clutter in your space? Adults and children learn much better in spaces that are organized and clean.

Consider using bins or boxes to organize your materials, books, educational tools, and equipment (such as writing utensils, tablets, calculators, or laptops). A distance learning home setup for children should ensure that the bins are accessible in low places, like the bottom shelf of a bookcase or window shelf. You may even color-code your organization with bright, energetic colors to stimulate further creativity and energy in your homeschooling space.

The process of organizing your space will also be a learning opportunity for your child. You’ll be teaching your children the value of organization and cleanliness.

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A Quiet Space is a Focused Space

Do you need silence to concentrate while reading? Perhaps you’ve noticed that loud, chaotic spaces make it difficult to focus or concentrate?

Children are especially impacted by the presence of noise. Noisy spaces cause interference to learning for children in various ways. The same reality applies to your remote learning setup at home. Noises like the television, chores, or others playing during school hours can make learning and remembering lessons more difficult.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all noise is harmful. White noise or ambient noise can actually boost focus and memory. Classical or instrumental music can provide an extra boost for the brain from your homeschool room setup. Generally, avoiding music with lyrics is suggested, focusing instead on instrumental or natural sounds. Upbeat music can also assist with energy levels and contribute to a learning setup that is fun, inspiring, and sustainable.

Overall, make your remote learning setup at home personalized. Kids could enjoy designing pieces of art to decorate, or family photos could give your learning space a sense of personal touch. The unique beauty of a homeschool room setup is that you can take ownership, making it specific to your interests and passions.

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