4 Ideas to Boost Culture Remotely

In the modern technology era, many people are embracing the remote work culture. This method of distributed working became even more rampant with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many companies had to find a way to keep the work momentum going and resorting to online working seemed like the most logical thing to do. For some companies, it was the beginning of a work process that they enjoyed and wanted to embrace.

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So, how do you boost company culture remotely? Here are a few ways:

1. Double down on communication

Communication is an essential part of any work relationship. And because remote work means that everyone is working from a different location, communication has never been more vital. When no one is checking in, things can fall into the cracks.

By embracing communication as part of company culture, you can better response times, follow-ups, and email etiquette. It will also increase interaction and reduce the number of messages that should be answered all at the same time.

By leveraging communication apps like Slack, Skype and Asana, or developing an email newsletter, you will find it easy to share goals, happenings, and achievements.

2. Make watercooler conversations a priority

While an office setting provides numerous opportunities for interactions, remote work may not. This is because employees work from the comfort of their homes. As such, this can bring about isolation and loneliness.

Therefore, by introducing watercooler conversations, you will have an aspect of togetherness and promote camaraderie amongst the employees. Even better is the fact that these conversations can be about anything.

For instance, you can meet up through video to have game nights or paint nights. You can even introduce awards for remote employees during these conversations.

3. Take time to know everyone

When sitting beside a colleague on a daily basis, you will get to know them or have a better understanding of who they are. However, the remote setting is a little different.

You do not have the luxury of sitting next to your employees. As such, you should have informal conversations with them so as to get to know them on a personal level.

4. Welcome new employees in front of whole team

It is easy to bring a new member on board and forget to let everyone else know about it, especially if you are working remotely. This will show that you value your team members and their contribution to your business,

This will also make the new team member feel appreciated. Let the team know who the new professional is and what their contribution will be. This is also a great way to promote social interaction.

Improve Your Company Culture the Right Way

By embracing a strong work culture for your remote team,, you will make your employees feel empowered and allow them to trust the process.


Whether you are currently running a remote team or transitioning into remote work, you should not leave your company culture behind. Find ways to implement it and your employees will appreciate it.

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