Ideas for Lucrative Businesses You Could Start in 2019

If you have been thinking about starting a business this year, you should know that it isn’t too late. There is more than enough space in the world of entrepreneurs, and you can begin the journey any day that you decide to. With that being said, if you’re spoilt for choice and unsure of where to start, there are many businesses that you could decide to pour your skills and creativity into. Just bear in mind that there are no short cuts and it’s all about what you’re ready to put in. On that note, keep reading for ideas regarding lucrative businesses that you could start in 2019.

Real Estate

When it comes to businesses that will bring a good return on investment, real estate is always one at the top of the list. In light of this, if you can raise enough capital, think about going into this line of business. However, if you do decide to choose this path, know that it can be challenging and requires a level of resilience. To succeed in this world, you need a concise business and marketing plan as well as an ability to nurture leads.


Seeing as there is a demand for food, and it will only keep increasing, you could also look into starting a business in agriculture. One idea would be dairy farming if you have land and expertise when it comes to caring for cows. You’d essentially be producing milk, cheese, and other similar products. Aside from dairy farming, you could also try poultry, fish or field crop farming too. For those who don’t want the responsibility of an agricultural business, investing in Almond is an alternative to consider. Crawford Park Farming AG is a great place to start as they have a range of investment opportunities.

Home Renovations

If you’re more interested in a small business opportunity, then home renovations is another good idea. People are constantly looking for ways to recreate their spaces so that it’s more habitable or more profitable. This is a service that often has a high demand, so with the right clients, the chances of you making a profit are high. You’ll need to invest in tools and machinery, to begin with, it’s also essential that you think about whether you want to perform the renovations yourself or outsource them to employees or other contractors.

E-Commerce Store

Aside from the mentioned, an e-commerce store is also a promising business idea to pursue in 2019. The internet is more accessible than it has been in past times which creates great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Look for products that would have a high demand and meet a need and then sell them online. You could decide to build your own e-commerce store from scratch or use existing platforms like Shopify instead.

Work Apparel

If you’ve got a thing for fashion, then selling work apparel is another bright idea to consider. As long as people are going to work every day they will always need smart and suitable clothing, so you can meet a need and make money in this niche area. There are various options to choose from which range from opening up your own store, selling online, or becoming a supplier.