Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Furniture Made With Wooden Pallets

Ask yourself questions like these, let your imagination fly, and find new uses for all those materials that can be reused or recycled. And, if you need extra help, check out ideas like the ones we are going to leave you below.

It is furniture made with wooden pallets. What we propose is to reuse wood pallets used industrially and turn them into garden furniture, terrace, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Creativity will be your limit.

In addition, making furniture with pallets and following hygiene habits for the home is not only a way to protect the environment, but also helps to save money and spend fun times with family and friends while you build the furniture that will give life to your home.

Making quality, hand-made furniture is great fun and could really help spruce up your home!

How do you make furniture with pallets?

Before going on to comment on what furniture you can make with pallets and propose more specific ideas, we want to give you some basic advice so that the result is … showroom!

The most probable thing is that the wood of these platforms, when coming from industrial use, has some splinter with which we can prick ourselves, some blow that is not visually aesthetic, nails that we do not want to be in our furniture either.

Therefore, the first step will be to treat that wood so that it is impeccable. How? Let’s see it:

  • Applying fungicide to eliminate bacteria that the material may have.
  • Sanding to remove chips until leaving a smooth, uniform surface without imperfections.
  • Removing any nails that may be there with the help of a hammer.
  • Cleaning the dust that may remain on the surface.
  • Covering the pores of the wood to be able to varnish.
  • Giving it a touch of color that goes with the decoration of your house.

Regarding the materials you will need, we recommend that you have primer, paint, varnish, a hammer, a drill, a saw, a jig, a sander on hand … And once you have this entire ready, you just have to take note of some tips on how to make furniture with pallets.

Furniture for you homemade with pallets

At this point, it should be noted that pallets are very versatile and inexpensive materials with which you can create almost all the furniture in your home.

If you like crafts, you are creative and you are concerned about the environmental damage that industrial and domestic activity causes on a daily basis, this may be one of the activities that most make you enjoy a weekend with your loved ones.

Also, every time you see this furniture made with pallets, you will remember the good times you spent with your family or friends building them. As well as the stories behind them.

On the other hand, they are also an excellent idea to make a special gift and surprise other people. All are advantages! Do you dare to make furniture with pallets? Here are our proposals!

Garden or terrace furniture

As we told you at the beginning, being such a versatile and inexpensive material, the limit is in your imagination. However, one of the first ideas that we are going to share with you is based on creating a garden or terrace furniture with pallets.

  • Organizer for pots. This idea is perfect to decorate your terrace and give it a natural touch. Simply place one or more pallets on the wall and, once the wood has been treated, add the pots that will give life to your space.
  • Garden or terrace table. Another idea about the possible garden or terrace furniture with pallets that you can create is a table to eat, have breakfast or have an aperitif while enjoying the outdoors. Its structure is perfect for it.

Living room furniture

  • And for your living room? Do you think it is possible to build living room furniture with pallets that add style and comfort to your home? Here are our best ideas!
  • If you don’t know where to put all the books you’ve read in recent years, create a shelf or bookcase with pallets. You will be giving new use to this material and you will solve your space problem. Treat the wood and give it a place of honor in your living room.
  • If you create your own living room furniture with pallets, you will be saving a significant amount of money. Especially when it comes to expensive pieces such as a sofa. The pallets can be used to create the base of it, and then you will only have to add several cushions and go to rest!
  • Kitchen furniture

Let’s continue with more ideas! Now it’s the kitchen’s turn. What furniture made with pallets has a place in this space? Let’s see the proposal.

  • Island of cooking. If you are thinking of installing one in your kitchen, we encourage you to build it yourself. Use the pallets as the base of the structure, paint them the color of your choice, and let’s cook!
  • And what about the wines? If you are a wine lover, you can create a cellar with the wood of these platforms and decorate your kitchen in an elegant and colorful way. You can place several stacked pallets and store the bottles between them.
  • Dish organizer. Finally, if you need extra space to store your dishes, here is an excellent idea with which to build kitchen furniture with pallets. Of course, we recommend adding an extra fastening element to prevent them from falling to the ground.

Bathroom furniture with pallets

Finally, we offer you a list of bathroom furniture with pallets that can be used to organize your creams, gels, toiletries … And at the same time have a pleasant and tastefully decorated space.

  • Mirror cabinet. If you want to hold your bathroom mirror in an original way, place it on a pallet and take advantage of its components as a shelf.
  • Sink organizer. This is one of the pieces of furniture made with pallets that will help you keep your bathroom better organized and always have what you use most at hand. For example, toothbrushes, cologne, hand gel.

Ready to grab your toolbox and fill your home with history and unforgettable moments? Bet on furniture made with wooden pallets and, in addition to saving a lot of money on home furnishings, you will be protecting the environment and living unique and fun moments with your loved ones.

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