What Exactly Does An IEO PR Agency Do?

In the past, when cryptocurrency startups wanted to raise money, they did it via ICOs. However, due to the strict regulations that have been introduced into the world of blockchain, ICOs have given way to IEOs. IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering, and unlike ICOs, they are closed off to the public. Instead, cryptocurrency companies raise money by using crypto exchanges to offer their tokens to customers and raise money. One of the more important consequences of this shift is that crypto companies will now need to hire an IEO PR agency to represent them.

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The best way to understand what an IEO PR Agency does is to look at the IEO like an ICO. Even though there are differences, the similarities are enough to help you understand what they do.

An IEO PR Agency Helps You To Define Your Unique Offers

Believe it or not, markets are value-driven, and no-one is going to buy crypto coins that they can’t see their inherent value. When you bring a PR agency on board, one of the first things they’ll help you do is to clearly define what your offerings are. You need to be able to clearly outline what your coin offers customers, as well as what your competitive advantages are, and how you intend to break down barriers.

They Improve Your Visibility

Once you are able to define what you have to offer, the next step is all about visibility. PR Agencies usually have affiliations with several platforms, and they can use those to help you achieve maximum visibility. The best agencies have lots of connections with news outlets both online and offline. They are skilled in breaking through the noise and getting your company and your product into the limelight. Generally, the better the agency you hire, the more efficient your visibility is going to be.

They Keep You Visible

It‘s easy to think that good PR is just about gaining visibility. But, sustaining the visibility you’ve gained is just as important as gaining it in the first place. Staying visible as one of the top five things you need for a successful IPO/IEO PR campaign. The higher your visibility, the greater the demand for your offering (provided you have a competitive product, and are able to define it properly). Also, consistent visibility will help you assure your customers that they’ve made the right choice. This is important for your business in the long run.

They Help You Manage Your Communities

Maintaining an active community on any and all social media platforms is a great way to boost your business and brand. It helps you feed the enthusiasm of your customers and you can even win some very loyal brand ambassadors in the process. People love to identify with innovation, and engaging your community ensures that they are up to date on everything your crypto business is up to. What better way to do that than with an IEO PR Agency on your side?

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