The Importance of an Accountant in Business

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For businesses, it can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to record each one of their financial transactions. Despite that, business owners decide to manage all the finances by themselves. This situation is even more apparent with small businesses or those that are still starting up. Because there’s that desire to pinch every penny that they can, business owners try to act as a one-man-band. However, what many business owners don’t realize is that many startups fail within the first two years due to poor financial management.

For this reason, an accountant is extremely important for running a business. Without an accountant, the business’ financial health may not last as sufficiently. This is why businesses are now taking an initiative to hire a team of online accountants to either handle their financial resources or become financial advisers. In business, do note that one of the most important aspects are your finances. You must ensure that you’re doing well periodically and that all your reports are accurate. Else, the consequences could be quite grave.

According to Approved Accounting Ltd., getting an online accountant can be a great step towards strategically handling your finances. Because of them, you can change the future course for your business in a good way. This article covers everything you need to know as to why an accountant is one of the most important professionals that you should have in your business.

What Is An Accountant?

First, a brief background on what an accountant really is. That way, you know for certain what the scope of his job functions are.

An accountant is a finance professional that focuses on performing methods such as analysis, recording, collection, and presentation of a company or an organization’s financial operations. These are professionals that spent years in a university with this major, and then, later on, proceeded to take a licensure exam. It’s highly recommended, therefore, that when you’re employing an accountant on your team, this must be one that’s licensed. In doing so, you know that you’ve got quality right on your team.

Even in a small startup business, an accountant works on the financial data collection, reporting, and entry of the business’ finances. These are only the basics. As you go deeper into your working relationship with your accountant, you’ll find that there are many other functions as well by which your accountant is, indeed, a vital part of your business.

There are many ways in which accountants can be important for a business. The multiple ways are listed below:

Business Analysis And Financial Advice

Accountants can play the role of analysts and perform data analysis that can be used to help you in making future business decisions. These decisions may include managing payment of bills, employee payroll, and supply order on a day-to-day basis. Accountants can also advise you on how to properly conduct certain business agendas, such as revenue generation, financial projects and the amount of expected revenue in the future.

Whether the news of revenue generation is good or bad, it can help steer your business in the correct direction to minimize future loss and increase profitability. The accountant is also responsible for alerting you in case of any kind of future financial data irregularities or discrepancies. They can also recommend possible ways to efficiently use resources and certain procedures to tackle any financial issues that may arise.

Financial Management Of Data

For a business to conduct its regular operations, the accounting sector is an essential factor. It is responsible for handling all kinds of finances that are credited or debited. Without this sector, it would be difficult to handle the ingoing and outgoing finances. One of the roles of accountants is to manage the financial data of a company and allow it to smoothly process payments for conducting operations, while also allowing the company to make profits.

Once a transaction is made, the accountant collects this data and records it as part of his management role. In addition, to record this data, an accountant is needed by ensuring that these records are properly maintained according to the law and accepted policies of the corporation. Once that is done, the accountant further works to keep the record secure.

Preparation Of Financial Reports

Accountants are typically responsible for preparing multiple financial statements of the business that may include the annual or monthly financial records. This report is prepared by carefully analyzing, collecting and compiling the information.

This statement can include quarterly or end-of-the-year closure reports that were recorded and compiled by the accountant during all year round. In other words, accountants are responsible for preparing a quarterly or yearly financial report for the company. This can enable businesses to make future strategic decisions and allow the company to prosper.

Regulations And Compliance

One of many things that an accountant is responsible for includes ensuring that all financial recording deadlines are maintained, both on the inside and outside. For instance, a company’s quarterly, mid-year, and annual records all come with designated deadlines, along with taxes.

Even when you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, there’s no one else that can make these reports more accurately than accountants, considering that they’ve spent years focusing on this skill. Don’t skimp on this process, as timely tax filing is also very important, for legality purposes. The last thing that you’d want in your business is to fall into trouble with the law, for delinquent taxes.

Ensuring timely tax filing is also an important role of an accountant. This role is very important as it involves tax filing, recording, and compilation, as well as making sure that every procedure is done in a clean and compliant process.


From financial management to tax filing, an accountant can be an extremely important asset to have for fulfilling multiple financial duties for your business. An accountant not only helps a business with concluding everyday financial transactions but also can ensure the future of your company’s financial growth.

Financial statements may only seem like that – ordinary statements – but these actually form a very important basis for the future growth and outlook of your business. In addition, your business does not necessarily require a full-time expert. It’s time to embrace the future and ensure the success of your business through online accountants. There are also part-time accountants. So, even when you’re on a budget, you’ve got absolutely no reason at all not to hire this crucial member of your team.


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