Importance of Automation and New Technology in the Construction Industry

The modern construction industry definitely comes with a whole new array of challenges and demands. Some of the recent innovations in architecture make the traditional construction methods completely obsolete. That is why modern challenges drove the development of modern solutions. Technology has stepped in to completely redefine the way people build breath-taking new structures. There are amazing benefits that come from using innovative tech solutions. By far the biggest advantage comes from automating most of the work, which does wonders for boosting productivity while ensuring safety. Here is an overview of why automation and new technology is extremely important for the future of the construction industry. 

Safer training

One of the ways of improving how people work in construction is by providing adequate training for them. However, devising a comprehensive training program for the workers may not be so easy. In order to best teach people how to work even in the most high-pressure settings it is necessary to replicate these potentially life-threatening scenarios. For this reason, most employee training programs revolve around teaching theory in order to prevent any fatal accidents. Luckily, the use of powerful VR technology allows workers to have a realistic hands-on training experience. For instance, a person could in fact experience what it would be like working in a very tight spot with limited visibility. All of the foreseeable challenges can be replicated using VR technology.

Remove the human error factors

One of the most common ways that production and overall efficiency goes down is when workers become too fatigued and stressed out. This results in significant increase in the presence of human-error and injury rates. Still, deadlines have to be met and the bulk of the planning falls on the construction manager, who has to be able to carefully assess the status of every in-field operator and then assign them work. However, this is easier said than done. There is no actual way to monitor where everyone is and how they are handling their workload, where some people are overworked and others aren’t. That is why using the construction equipment fleet management software is so crucial because it simply allows you to assign work by assessing the use of the machinery in real time. This will ensure that workload is distributed equally and workers can get plenty of time to recover so that they can work efficiently and safely. 

Drone surveillance

What was once a hobbyist trend and a pointless gadget, has now become an essential monitoring tool. In a hectic construction environment, there is a lot that could go wrong. Not only is there a lot of room for error in many hazardous situations, but there is a general lack of awareness that these factors even exist. The key to preventing any workplace accidents is having great oversight of the entire construction site. What better way to do that, than by seeing the full picture from a bird’s perspective? Drones are here to deliver real-time monitoring solutions, which can help better organize and manage the workforce but also minimize any risks associated with conducting this heavy and arduous work.  In addition, it helps to conduct surveillance in the possible prevention of theft and crime that may affect your construction company. 

Easier concrete mixing

One of the frequent efficiency leaks stems from the fact that in order to do anything on the construction site you need to have concrete constantly ready. Not long ago, it was quite common to see a considerable number of workers being excessively engaged in just the creation and preparation of concrete products. Concrete mixing takes a lot of time and energy, and this is where automation has been able to make a drastic difference. Now it is possible to prepare concrete and precast, as well as polish floors and remove surface water all by using control systems and robotics. 

Reducing costs

One of the most easily overlooked aspects of conducting construction work is the ineffective use of resources such as fuel. Luckily, modern technologies can allow construction managers to track the use of these resources even better, by optimizing travel routes and machine use. For instance, fuel can be used more sparingly due to the fact that there are better transportation routes planned out in advance. 

Being able to handle complex and innovative construction industry trends seemed nearly impossible not too long ago. Luckily with the use of amazing new technology and machinery, these new challenges simply disappear and become a new norm. What really sets a good construction company apart is the use of the amazing capabilities of modern technology, which brings with it many spectacular benefits such as: reduction in human-error, drone surveillance, safer training, easier concrete mixing and cutting costs. 

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