Importance of Custom Outdoor Umbrellas for Advertising

If you are a business owner, you must be wondering how to boost your business with an advertising tool. There are several options available in the market. But one product that checks all the boxes as a simple, efficient and cost-effective brand promotion tool is the custom outdoor umbrella. But how can a shade solution do so much? Let’s see.

A much-needed accessory 

The outdoor umbrella’s primary function is to protect you and your guests from the harmful UV rays and sporadic showers. On a beautiful summer day, you might want to soak up the sun and have a merry time outdoors. You might want to treat your guests to a nice poolside party or barbeque out in the open. 

But too much sun or an untimely shower can spoil the fun. With the outdoor café umbrella installed in your patio, your guests have a much-needed shade for protection. Now they can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the sun or the rain. This adds a lot of value to your business because your guests feel safe and comfortable. 

Ambience and fashion statement

The benefit of installing a custom outdoor umbrella doesn’t just end with having a temporary shade solution. It can work wonders for the ambience of your restaurant. In fact, it is a must-have accessory if you are planning to ramp up your eatery’s décor. Think for a while. Don’t you love to spend time in the cool shade of a café umbrella in an outdoor café?

People love to visit restaurants that have café umbrellas installed in their patio. Dinner-talks and intimate conversations become far more engaging in the shade of a beautifully designed restaurant umbrella than indoors. When you give your guests the ambience they are looking for, they’ll want to come to your place time and time again. That’s good for business, isn’t it?

Your custom outdoor umbrella is also your fashion statement to the world. It gives your business a unique look that speaks volumes about your aesthetic taste. Your outdoor umbrella manufacturer will be happy to customise their products for you. 

Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours available for the canopy. But remember to choose one that goes with your décor. You may opt for a two-tiered canopy made of contrasting fabrics. A scalloped valance will give your umbrella an exotic look. Wooden umbrella frames look classic, particularly with antique furniture setups. Metal frames with square or rectangular canopies can really accentuate a minimalist patio design. 

These are some tips that can help turn your humble outdoor accessory into an essential tool for ramping up the ambience of your place. A cool ambience ultimately means good business!       

An advertising tool

How do you promote your brand with your outdoor umbrella? Think of the umbrella canopy as a canvas. Your market umbrella manufacturer will offer you several customisation tools that you can use to have your brand logo printed on the umbrella canopy. Now your customized umbrella stands out in the crowd as a brand promotion tool. It increases your brand’s visibility in the market and takes it to a large audience.

Coupled with good customer service, the market umbrella helps in creating a unique customer experience for your patrons. Word of mouth is a major factor in spreading the reputation of a café. Your patrons spread the word on your behalf and the market umbrellas act as a landmark for your restaurant.  

Market umbrellas aren’t expensive. So, when you invest in them you are not financially burdened. Other advertising tools as effective as the custom outdoor umbrella will cost you a lot of money. This is particularly taxing for small businesses and start-ups. Why bleed money? Make use of the outdoor umbrella.  

A long serving companion 

Custom outdoor umbrellas are made of durable materials that last really long. The canopy is made from UV and water resistant materials like olefin and acrylic. The fabrics come in a wide range of vibrant colours so that you get to choose what suits your taste and décor best. 

Our testers found that Flare Shade offers Recasens from Spain and Para Tempotest from Italy as options for fabric. These materials are fade resistant in addition to being UV and water-proof, and your umbrella canopy won’t lose its sheen even after spending years under the sun. Frames made of reinforced aluminium give the custom outdoor umbrellas from Flare Shade unmatched durability. This helps you save a lot of money in the long run. 

A Custom outdoor umbrella is a versatile accessory and does a lot of things efficiently. It is hard to find another accessory that is as unassuming yet effective as the outdoor umbrella. User-friendliness is another key feature of this product. You don’t have to be a specialist of some sort to install an outdoor umbrella. If your café has a patio lying unutilised, use the restaurant umbrella to quickly transform it into a revenue-generator. A little investment in this user-friendly accessory can work wonders for your business. 

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