Importance of Third-Party Logistics for E-Commerce Businesses

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As trading went online, there has been speculation about the collapse of brick-and-mortar stores. It was predicted decades ago that everything would go online with time. However, an essential component of the e-commerce formula was left out: fulfillment. This fulfillment issue is solved by third-party e-commerce logistics. Third-party logistics refers to the arrangement of individuals, commodities, and infrastructures by businesses besides the suppliers and buyers.

Sure, one may buy a pair of shoes online rather than in a storefront. However, the shoes will have to approach you. One can just pass over the product to the consumer in a retail operation. So, warehousing, inventories, manufacturing, delivery, and monitoring would still have to be addressed.

Logistics Assisting Third Parties

If you transfer your logistics needs to a third-party logistics company, the service provider is known as a third-party logistics company. Such companies are often known as 3PL in the market. One of the fundamental advantages of the 3PL e-commerce concept is that individuals with specialized skills get involved in the tasks. As a response, exporting to a third-party business group is a good fit for e-commerce.

The Services Offered By A 3PL

A full-service establishment 3PL should handle all of the company’s supply chain needs. Their offerings would include the following:

Managing of the Supply Chain

A well-oiled distribution network is essential to the achievement of an e-commerce business. So, if the incoming freight forwarding standards are met, the 3PL did a fantastic job.


Even if an e-commerce retailer doesn’t even have a physical shop, many products must be housed somewhere. Generally, a 3PL will handle your storage needs. It will spend on the infrastructure and equipment needed to manage a warehouse successfully. A 3PL’s warehousing is expected to be even more cost-effective because it can distribute its overhead among different customers.

Service of Unification

E-commerce businesses frequently ship many small items to the very same address. Under this case, the total may be less than the overall cost, i.e., if we combine all of the little products into a small package, the trade may be significantly reduced. A consolidation solution, also called freight aggregation or cargo aggregation, is provided by a service provider who sends multiple small goods as one huge bag. A third-party logistics supplier serves customers most cost-effectively.

Order Processing

If an e-commerce company does not execute a transaction, it has accomplished nothing. And order processing entails more than just ensuring that the items reach the customer. The delivered things must have been the correct products, delivered on schedule, and in excellent condition. Most of this might have seemed apparent, yet inaccurate fulfillment is a problem in e-commerce. A solid third-party logistics service company should be able to handle your purchase and delivery needs.

With e-commerce, though, you must expand your tendrils considerably further. You, as the e-commerce company, are in charge of guaranteeing fulfillment. And if the products are returned, you must deal with another whole world of logistics management, luckily, reverse logistics software can help. 

Why Should You Use Third-Party Logistics?

Some of the most typical reasons for hiring a third-party logistics company are as follows:

  • Versatility and adaptability

Not every eCommerce site is like Lots of them must begin small. Creating one’s personal logistics division would necessitate a considerable set price. A third-party logistics supplier may begin modestly while building up when necessary.

  • Expertise and effectiveness

If you are great at marketing to clients, you must focus your efforts on it. Only by specializing in your job would you perform it effectively.

  • Tech

Like all the other parts of the industry, logistics is constantly changing. Equipment, technology, and infrastructure are continually being upgraded. Because logistics is its primary business, a solid third-party supplier would stay pace with the trends.


Third-party logistics plays a crucial role while gearing up with an online business. Smart Warehousing provides top-notch facilities for third-party logistics for eCommerce companies and helps the business grow exponentially throughout their business journey.

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