The Importance Of Video Advertising


If you are in the real estate market, you’ve probably exhausted the conventional advertising methods. While taking out billboard space or putting your name in the newspapers can help, there are better ways to go about getting new clients. When a client looks towards advertising, they want to know exactly who they are getting and the skills they are going to provide. No amount of written advertising can convey that accurately. Therefore, plenty of real estate agents have switched over towards video advertising as a means to win over clients. These advertisements are great at showcasing yourself, along with all of the work that you have done. Video advertising is shown to boost your client count and get you more work than any other advertisement would. Here are a few examples of the importance of video advertising:

People Can See Who You Are

Clients look for someone they can relate to, someone who is personable. You can never get to know who a person is based on some words on a sign or a picture of them. By taking the time to make a short film for video production, you are guaranteed to be able to create that much more of a connection with your clients. What you include in this video biography is up to you but view it as a video profile of yourself. Use this to highlight all of your experience and the years you have spent working in the field. Talk about your education and the school you went to. Be sure to indicate any areas that you specialize in and finish it up by talking about your record of getting clients the home that they want or the price they desire when they sell. Once you have listed all your credentials, look to include a fun fact or two about yourself to make the advertisement more personable. Briefly list something that you are passionate about outside of work. Studies have shown that people are much more likely to hire someone they feel a personable connection with. Video advertising is great because people can see who you are and get a little sample of your personality and your skills.

Testimonials and Stories

Once again, tons of different real estate agents will list the testimonials of their previous clients and how they have helped them achieve their goals. Why not take this a step further and create a film of all the testimonials? When you have finished working with a client, ask if you can take a short video of them thanking you for your service and what you have done for them. Once you have done this with several different clients, look to compose and edit these together into one short film. Clever editing can make the film much livelier and exciting to watch. A good video about testimonials and stories looks to create a cinematic experience rather than just several people talking. This can hammer home how you made a difference in these people’s lives and show future clients everything that you can do to accomplish their dreams. Make sure to include testimonials and stories in your video advertising and make it cinematic for an added special touch.

Property Films

If you are working for someone looking to sell their home, you will want to make a video detailing and advertising their property. While photos are great, they can never truly depict the property you are looking to sell and advertise. By having a video made, you ensure that the potential buyers are able to see everything in the house and do not have any extra questions about what they are seeing. Look to add some flair and spice into the video to make it much more than your standard walkthrough video as well. By creating a cinematic experience, you can highlight certain areas of the house and truly bring out what makes the house amazing. Don’t settle for boring photos or a low-quality video. Through good video advertising, the house that you are looking to sell will be quickly off the market fetching your client the price they wanted.

Other forms of advertising cannot even hold a candle to the power of video advertising. It creates a live experience that is much more personable for whoever is watching it, and by making it a cinematic experience you can highlight aspects that would otherwise be overlooked. Use videos to introduce yourself as a real estate agent, use them to capture testimonials and stories, and finally, use them to advertise the properties you are looking to sell. No matter what you are looking to advertise, look to use a video and reap the benefits.