Important Facts That Every Man Must Know About His Health

We can all talk about equal rights and duties, but we cannot ignore the fact that male and female bodies are biologically different. Due to biological differences, different things impact us as well as our bodies.

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There are certain things that we assume are equal for the female body as well as the male body. But owing to our physical differences, different things affect us in different ways.

Here are 8 important facts about men’s health that can help a man make better health decisions in the future which makes him healthier.

1. Men who sleep more than 7-8 hours every night have healthier hearts than those who clock in only 3-4 hours of sleep per night

Getting adequate sleep is important for all people as well as animals, but men should prioritize their sleep because it affects the health of their heart.

It is an understatement to say that the health of your heart is connected to your overall health, as the heart’s pumping is what keeps us alive.

But compared to women, men are more likely to die from heart attacks, and thus you might want to clock in more sleep every night if you want to keep your heart healthy and increase your living years.

2. The cases of obesity are rising in younger men

Earlier it was uncommon to find obese young men, and fat middle-aged men were the norm. But nowadays it is easy to find even teenage obese kids.

Women can be obese too, but due to peer pressure and the image of thin being the more attractive body type in the current times, women are more careful about their body weight than men.

Obesity further increases the chances of having various types of heart diseases as well as sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction which are then treated using medications prescribed by your doctor. And yet it’s oftentimes enough to switch to dehydrated food to fight obesity. And it’s fairly simple.

3. Diabetes proves to be more fatal to men than women

Diabetes is a condition that affects both men and women, and it is caused due to high blood sugar levels and people who suffer from this condition experience increased hunger like thirst and also recurrent urination.

There are different types of diabetes, and right now there is no permanent cure for any of them but the symptoms can be treated.

If a man is suffering from diabetes, he may face some nerve damage as well as poor blood circulation across his whole body which can also cause erectile dysfunction, and certain medications can help in the widening of the blood vessels as well as promoting proper blood circulation.

Men have more to lose if they suffer from diabetes, and they are more likely to have severe symptoms, making diabetes more fatal to them than women who may suffer from similar symptoms.

People with Diabetes will also tend to pay more for health and life insurance premiums. Melissa Thompson of Diabetes 365 mentions ” life insurance and health insurance premiums are most likely going to be more expensive compared to non-diabetics.  However, by managing your condition, exercising regularly, and watching your diet you may be offered discounted rates.  Showing insurance providers healthy lifestyle choices will only benefit you in terms of lower pricing.”

4. Men often suffer from depression but do not seek treatment for it

It is easy for most women to pour out their feelings and even admit vulnerability and depression. Due to this, it is easier for women to seek treatment for depression.

Men too are likely to suffer from depression given the current stressful environments that we live in, and even though there is a lot of awareness now about mental health and its treatment. Men are less likely to admit having depression and even seek treatment.

There are many reasons for this unwillingness to seek treatment, firstly admitting having depression means accepting vulnerability and displaying sensitive emotions. Most men like to project an image of themselves that is strong, macho, and impenetrable, and having depression can damage that image.

Another factor is that seeking treatment will involve taking days off from work or their business, and most men, especially when they are in their younger or prime ages, do not wish to compromise on work.

But this should surely change, and men should be given as much chance as women to seek treatment so that they can live a happy life with good mental health.

5. Men can improve their heart health with exercise and the right diet

Most of the conditions that surround the men’s health are related to the heart or blood circulation or spring from the weakness of the heart.

Given this, it makes much sense, that men should take regular actions to improve the health of their heart.

There are various things that a man can do to keep his heart healthy, one of which is eating nutritious food items such as vegetables and fruits.

You will be able to get important nutrients from the food you eat if your diet includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You will also be much healthier if you include some type of exercise in your life. You can do some basic exercises at home, or go out for a walk or you can even play a sport to keep yourself physically active.

6. It is much easier to lose weight for men than for women

Even though men suffer from obesity more easily than women, if they want to, they can lose weight even easier than them. So, if a man decides to lose weight to get into shape again, become fit, and even improve the health of their heart, then he will be able to lose weight more easily and quickly.

But the man has to be consistent in his efforts to lose weight and not just keeps hoping that the excessive weight will go away on its own.

These facts are compiled and they have been established through various studies and data collected over the years. These facts are to help men make better choices when they are making decisions about their health.

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