6 Important Hires Your New Business Needs

Six important hires your new business needs image 34231Every company needs several key positions that can keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Spotting such positions in your own company can make a huge difference in organizing the different assignments and the daily duties that your company demands daily from the employees or management figures.

You may find that hiring the right people isn’t an easy task, especially if you are a new startup trying to understand who to hire and what qualifications they should have.  So we’ve come up with a list of six important hires that you should consider.

An Accountant/Bookkeeper

This person is extremely important because your company would be dealing with a lot of transactions, payroll, expenses, and profits. So having someone that can manage the cash flow and the critical components related to how much money is being spent vs. how much is being earned is important for understanding how the company is doing and if there are changes that need to be made. Also, they can help you with the payroll process that might be extremely difficult for you to handle alone, so you’d have someone that can assist you in giving out salaries monthly.

A Virtual Receptionist

Virtual employees bring a lot of positive results to the company, especially if it’s just starting out. High levels of productivity can be achieved if you hire one. For instance, delegating tasks like answering phone calls or customer follow-ups can be a huge benefit to the company. And hiring a virtual receptionist that can perform such tasks will save you a huge amount of time and as a result can help you focus on work that can’t be done digitally.

You need to understand that this type of receptionist is perfect for small or big businesses, so it doesn’t matter what type of company you are. Virtual receptionists can also help you with customer support and handling complaints professionally, so your clients would feel that they are being heard and that you care about solving their issues.

General Manager

This position is crucial for making sure every department is working as planned, meaning that every staff member is doing their job properly and it’s done at the quickest pace possible. This person can control and oversee everything related to staff performance and behavior, customer care, and operations.

Also, they can help you come up with strategies and plans that can raise productivity and profits and make sure that everything is operating like clockwork. They are the backbone that is needed to keep everything standing and operating effectively, assuring the owner or CEO that everything is done according to plan.

3 Six important hires your new business needs image 34231IT Specialist 

If your company is going to deal with a lot of computers, software programs, servers, and internet connections, then having someone with an IT background is perfect to keep things running smoothly. You are bound to have computer issues, lag and slow connection speeds, servers shutting down, or programs that need updating. So having an IT technician or specialist can help your employees with any problems with the facilities, software, and hardware. 

Marketer/Marketing Manager

This is crucial for any business because you need someone that can come up with plans and strategies to help promote your product or services. You need someone that boosts your brand’s power and help you get the attention and awareness you need from customers and clients.

It’s important to have a person that can take your vision and articulate it perfectly so people could relate to it and understand what your company is about, whether it’s through words like a message or images and videos. They should come up with the correct methods to reach the target audience.

Human Resources Specialist

Your company can’t live on for long without someone that can make sure the pressures of the job are not always on your shoulders. This is a position that is much needed in your company because you can’t focus 100% on every employee, and you need someone that can send you updated reports to keep you in the loop. Also, an HR specialist can help with the recruitment and interviewing processes, so things will be a lot easier for new applicants.

To conclude, some positions can be so important that a company would fall apart without them. It takes a lot of effort and planning to hire the right people for the job, which is why you need to make include your company’s objectives and tasks and decide on the needed positions accordingly. Some positions might be less important than others; it all depends on your company’s goals and which phase it is in.


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