Four simple ways to improve your search engine rankings

Search engine rankings SEO tips image 44444Ask anyone who runs a website or a digital platform where they get the bulk of their new users from and they will almost certainly tell you that it comes from search. Press a bit more and, depending on their strategy they will let you know if it is from organic search or paid search. Both are good models, and both require a degree of expertise and knowledge to get them working optimally, but both contain elements that you can do yourself as well.

The question is, what steps should you take if you want to see your user numbers start to move in an upward direction? Here are a few tips and ideas to help set you on the right path.

Develop a strategy

Work with a local expert to get all the elements working together in unison.  Find out who the local SEO Sydney players are and get in touch with them.  There are many parts that make up the whole, which in this case is search engine rankings.  Some of these include your website, both the front and back end needs expert involvement, your social media feeds, integration of links and multimedia plugins.

Don’t run unoriginal content

Keep your website fresh and update it regularly.  The best way to do this is to write short articles relating to your company, product, and industry that you are involved in.  Make use of keywords, but don’t overkill the, especially when it comes to repetition   Search engines kick out sites that are too heavily keyworded.  So, keep it authentic and real.  But also, keep it fresh.  Don’t have content stagnating and getting old search engine rankings don’t like that.

Find ways to have new and recent updates going onto your site, keep it current and don’t let it outdate.  There’s no such thing as a passive business that makes money, so why let your website become this?

Develop a keywords network of partners

Search engine algorithms incorporate the number and strength of the links that come from your site as well as those that link to your site.  Link building isn’t just a matter of inserting a keyworded, build a relationship with those that you are incorporating.  Get to know them personally and create a rapport.  Ask them to do a similar link embed on their platforms.  Ask people to write about your products and give comments.  The more credible the link the stronger it will be recognised.

Make your site mobile friendly

Given that more than 50% of all online traffic is using a handheld device, it is not surprising that Google has skewed its algorithm to punish sites that do not render well for mobile. In short, if your site is old and not responsive then you will be punished badly. Like any service orientated organisation, Google wants to ensure that its users get the best user experience possible on their digital journey and as such, they are loathed to recommend sites to people that might provide a suboptimal user experience.

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