Improving Brand Awareness with Best-In-Class Outdoor Signs

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Yes, a lot of people may insist on the idiom that no one should judge a book by its cover, but initially, first impressions rely completely on the data we perceive from the surface of things. This is why brand visibility is necessary to judge the overall face of your business. Outdoor advertising is all the trend now in today’s competitive marketplace. Arguably, there is a plethora of reasons for this trend, the most popular being that brand visibility is commonly achieved through an outdoor signage type commonly known as channel letters. However, the question that arises then is how to create a name and fame that reflects the thoughts and values behind your brand. Here’s a guide. Have a look!

What pleases the eye pleases the heart

Make the brand name on the billboard or the sign board eye-catching. Your sign should not be like the exhausting ones with a classic front. Gone are the days when wooden signs with a simple font were all the rage. With the advent of the digital world, people are more into hyper-realistic things and stuff that looks good.

Make it short and simple

You don’t need to write your brand name as you would an essay or brief description. You should limit it to 10-to-20 characters and use simple language to make it easier for any lay person to understand. People should quickly appreciate what the sum and substance of your overall business idea is. This will ensure that the idea behind your business reaches every single person. Many of these people could eventually become customers of yours. Lengthy titles or cumbersome slogans look more like definitions that no one wants to read.

Add your personal touch

Your brand visibility is all about your business. If you want it to pull in positive traffic, you need to be creative as well as communicative. Add a logo to the sign or your targeted hint with the brand name that will attract consumers and potential customers. Remember that individuality and uniqueness will help make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors. You need to convey your business’ personal touch through your outdoor sign.

Illuminate it

Illuminated signs can never be out of fashion. When people are driving down a highway, for example, illuminated signs attract their gaze. If the sign is for a fast food court, drivers are more likely to pull over if the sign is lit up. Illumination is like a spotlight in a play in the theatre; it distinguishes people or things from everything or everybody else.

3D always makes thing come to life

Have you ever wondered what a seemingly real-life sign might be like – one that looks completely alive? Three-diimensional (3D) images have this real-life effect. You should be seriously considering investing in 3D signs.

People from all age groups like signs on boards that are attractive and alluring. Even though advertising has changed significantly since the advent of the Internet at the end of the last century, outdoor signs will always have an important role to play.

Businesses, marketing professionals, and advertising executives who have invested in outdoor signs have rarely regretted it. It is most definitely a worthwhile investment.