Aayush Regmi: Improving Mental Resilience and Performance through Energy Healing to Combat Negativity, Depression, and Anxiety in the Workplace

Alternative medicine received significant attention and popularity in recent years due to the shifting focus from traditional medical practices. Many alternative medicine approaches also involve integrative or complementary medicine that supplements traditional techniques to promote health and wellness. People choose numerous alternative or complementary treatment methods according to their benefits and relevance to particular issues or health problems. Energy healing is among the most widely used complementary medicine approaches. It gained traction among people mainly because of its positive effects on physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Energy healing is an ancient medicine approach that gained popularity recently due to increased emphasis on non-invasive alternative medicine approaches.


Energy healing is a widely recognized technique in the medical and scientific fraternity that focuses on regulating, manipulating, and channeling the energy in a person’s body. The approach involves eliminating negative energy and maximizing positive energy to promote emotional, psychological, and physical health. Energy healing utilizes several methods or processes to regulate and manage energy in the body, including mantras, tantric healing, reiki, and meditation. The primary objective of all methods is to promote the overall health and well-being of the individual without causing adverse reactions or side effects. Thousands of individuals practice and utilize alternative medicine approaches. However, only a few have the expertise and experience to help people overcome health challenges. Aayush Regmi is among the few with adequate experience and skills to help people in the healing process and train others to become professional energy healers.


Aayush Regmi is a grand master energy healer, model, and nonverbal hypnotherapist who utilizes various techniques and methods to heal people. Regmi was born in Nepal but moved to Australia. He completed his Master’s degree at Western Sydney University while practicing energy healing and nonverbal hypnotism. He subsequently established Get Healed with Aayush in March 2018 as a holistic healing service and training facility. It offers energy healing services, life coaching, horoscope analysis, Vastu Shastra, Life between Lives (LBL), Past Life Regression (PLG), and overall wellness programs. Get Healed with Aayush also offers training in various techniques for enabling people to become professional energy healers. 


Regmi started his healing and spiritual journey at the age of twelve. He was a mediator since childhood and learned about energy and its role in healing. Regmi discovered the significance of energy when he was 22, and the concept of using energy to heal people and achieve inner peace compelled him to learn more about the practice. He learned the basics and started researching mantras and energies while traveling globally and meeting prominent masters and gurus. Aayush Regmi refined his energy healing skills by learning from and working under different gurus while gaining years of experience. Regmi utilizes his experience, expertise, and skills to heal people from phobias, fears, depression, anxiety, and negativity while training people to become professional trainers.


Get Healed with Aayush focuses on helping people improve their health and wellness by eliminating negative and maximizing positive energy. The primary benefit of energy healing is that it does not involve invasive techniques or methods and lacks the side effects of traditional medical procedures. Energy healing has several other benefits as a complementary healthcare approach, mainly because it focuses on meditation, calmness, and relaxation. The approach helps people heal and recover from negativity, depression, and anxiety while prioritizing positivity. Energy healing received attention and popularity among people due to its recognition as a proven healing method by the scientific fraternity. 


The accessibility among the masses due to a lack of complex skills or tools required for healing practices is another prominent benefit of energy healing. Aayush Regmi helps improve the healing method’s accessibility by teaching and guiding several methods to people. He highlights how energy healing is beneficial to people in improving their well-being and eliminating depression, anxiety, and stress. Aayush Regmi helps people recover from emotional and psychological issues by using several healing techniques and methods. He also trains people to become professional energy healers through a comprehensive course offered through Get Healed with Aayush. Regmi helps people heal and recover from numerous issues related to physical and mental health, including depression, negativity, stress, and anxiety, through energy healing. 

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