Improving toothbrushing experience worldwide

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A hectic lifestyle is common in today’s world which has resulted in the inability of people to give proper attention to their oral hygiene. Due to this issue, they end up having numerous oral problems.

While we have witnessed various innovative upgrades in various industries, the oral care industry has been dormant for the past few decades, in terms of technological advancement in the way we brush our teeth. unobrush™ has introduced a spectacular innovation with their new smart toothbrush. The unique product is rapidly gaining popularity due to its stand-out features and outstanding user-experience. Some of its core features include:

  • Just 10 seconds of brushing – A key standout feature of the revolutionizing device, is that you can cut your regular brushing routine from 2 minutes down to just 10 seconds. The DuPont™ bristles used in the Mouthpiece will provide you with an even cleaning of your teeth.
  • Long-lasting life – A single charge can last for up to 3 months given that you use your unobrush™ two times daily. You can easily replace the Mouthpiece if you wish so. Thereby, you can also share the new brushing experience with your partner at home.
  • A unique Docking Station – The Docking Station is where you will place your unobrush™ in between uses. Other than looking aesthetically pleasing, it also comes with helpful features. A smart UV light will sanitize your Mouthpiece after each use and sanitize it from bacteria in the bathroom. It can also charge the Base Module.

A giant step towards the future

People all across the world have been inclined towards a new and better toothbrushing experience. unobrush™, a smart toothbrush, is one of the most unique offerings on the market accommodating the needs of the modern customer. Not only does it have to be an effective solution, but it should also look smart.

unobrush™ may just have revolutionized the way we humans brush our teeth. The innovative device is the first toothbrush worldwide, using its soft DuPont™ bristles to provide brushing simultaneously. The soft bristles have been designed to provide the right motions and pressure to ensure an effective brushing experience.

Toothbrushing is no more just about oral hygiene, but it is also about a change in our daily lifestyle and how our regular routines can be optimized for the future. Innovative products like unobrush™ are paving the way towards a future where we can enjoy many benefits, including oral health, from innovative solutions.

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