The Top 5 Most In-Demand Jobs In Psychology

A Career in Psychology image 49494949Pursuing a career in the Psychology field is a challenging journey. If you’re trying to forge your career path in this industry, now is the right time. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Psychology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the market right now. The average income of a Psychologist in the United States right now is $66,280 per year.

Applying for a job related to Psychology is even more convenient with the help of trusted job boards online, like the Jobsora is a platform that gives graduates and job seekers easier access in available Psychology jobs. This platform is also a great help for employers who are trying to find the best candidate for the job vacancies in the company.

In this article, we have listed some of the currently in-demand professions in the Psychology field. If you consider making a career in this field, here are five career paths for your future options.

Top 5 career options in Psychology

Family marriage Counselor

Family is the very first unit in the social structure. An individual will learn a lot of things in life from his or her family members, and that’s the reason why a healthy family relationship is essential. More and more people are acknowledging the benefits of visiting a family marriage counselor.

The task of a family marriage counselor is to work with couples and families to overcome the difficulties between the relationships of family members. The family marriage counselor will help family members cope up and triumph over scenarios such as divorce, affairs, death, and communication problems.

Forensic Psychologist

One of the significant problems in the world is fighting against crime. Giving justice to victims of crimes, as well as preventing the crimes in the area are challenging yet satisfying career options. One of the crime-related careers you can pursue is Forensic Psychology. You can enroll in criminal psychology schools for this specialization.

A Forensic Psychologist is someone who practices psychology to help bring justice in crime-related issues. This job will often require extensive experience in psychology. Forensic Psychologists help in listing potential suspects and their motives.


When people try to come up with a career which is related to Psychology, their first thought is usually a career as a Psychiatrist. It is one of the fastest-growing career outlooks in the future. If you enjoy working with people to help them overcome mental and emotional difficulties, being a Psychiatrist is the best job for you.

Some of the primary tasks of a Psychiatrist is to assess, diagnose, prevent, or treat mental and emotional health conditions. To achieve this, they administer a set of treatments which can include medications, psychotherapy, and more. Psychiatrists usually work in offices and clinics to help people suffering from traumatic experiences or victims of substance abuse.

Industrial-Organization Psychologist

The Industrial-organizational psychologist or I-O Psychologist is one of the highest-paid jobs in related to Psychology. This is because they have one of the most psychology-related jobs in the world. As an I-O Psychologist, one has to make sure that a workplace is operating smoothly and is achieving their goals. This means that they need to think of ways to keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.

Not all offices require an I-O Psychologist. These individuals are very helpful when it comes to big company structures. They usually work within the human resource office and help train and motivate workers. Besides, they might be tasked to help the business decide who to hire among the qualified employees.

Career Counselor

In this age, where a lot of people are indecisive in their career path, career development counseling is on the rise. The help of Career Development Counselors is becoming more and more important. These individuals guide other people in making their career choices and assist the proper educational program to attain the career they want to pursue.


Psychology is a sector that works together with other industries to achieve goals. It is one of the industries with the most flexible job coverage. Additionally, the fulfillment you get in knowing that you improve someone’s quality of life is already enough for some people to consider a career path in this industry.