In What Ways Can You Improve the Shopify Store Design Using Dedicated Apps?

Shopify as a platform has a lot of noteworthy features, such as pre-designed themes, responsive loading speed, third-party app integrations, and much more. 

But above all, it is your store design that attracts customers the most! Your site design will play a major role in deciding whether your Shopify store is engaging or not. If you have been running a Shopify store for a while now, it means you are already having a functional website. 

But, there might still be some leggings in your site design that might be stopping you from achieving the set objectives. Hiring Shopify development services to create dedicated store design apps might be a great move for you to bring in some noteworthy changes. 

But there is still a lot to know for you to actually get along with the process of improving the store design by using dedicated apps. So, this article is all about unveiling the ways you can do that! 

What are the 5 Ways You Can Use Shopify Apps for Improving Store Design?

There is no doubt you might be a busy entrepreneur and are handling the core Shopify operations. But a timely revamp to the store design is also an important consideration! Do you know why? It is because that will add a new feel for the customers, ensuring they find the store even more engaging than before. 

But, hiring professionals every time for the job might not be an economical approach. Therefore, why don’t you hire Shopify developers and get some designated store design apps ready for you to modify the site’s appeal anytime you feel like it? 

If that interests you, here are some methods with respect to the use of dedicated Shopify apps that you can use for improving your store design:

1. Adding Product Reviews

You can consider using the best review app for Shopify or curate a custom one for adding a ‘Leave a Review’ section on the website interface. Apart from that, you also get the chance to import reviews from the diverse apps and then display the same on your storefront. 

This way, your store design looks more credible, and your customers will be able to make their purchase decisions faster. Not only that, but you can use the product reviews app for Shopify store to invoke an automated email feature, which will remind users to leave a review after their purchase.

2. Including Newsletter Sign-Up Form

The next thing you can add to your store design and seek a modification to it over time is a newsletter sign-up form. Adding an appealing and uniquely styled sign-up form will entice customers to opt for it. And depending on certain evens or occasions, you can consider changing the theme of the form over time, using the best form builder app for Shopify

You can either add it to the home page of your store or plan on integrating it as a pop-up. Depending on your creativity and engagement-boosting techniques, leverage the potential of the pre-developed or custom-built form builder apps. 

3. Site Speed Optimization

When you are in search of the best Shopify apps for boosting your site design, don’t forget that site responsiveness is the key factor to rate the improvements you make. Therefore, use dedicated apps to optimize the page speed on your site, ensuring a better SEO position for you. 

Some features, such as automated image compression or JS/CSS optimization, are what will help you improve the loading speed of your site. This way, the web crawlers of search engines like Google or Bing will rank you on the top results, allowing more traffic to flow into your Shopify store. 

4. Add a Sort Selector

You can consider integrating a sort selector feature into your Shopify store by using a third-party app or by getting one developed. The purpose of this tool will be to allow your customers to sort the order of the products displayed under a category section on your store. 

This way, your customers will be able to find the desired products faster, allowing them to quickly make the purchases. Apart from that, you will have control over choosing the sort of requests that the customers can use while accessing the store. It is one of the most minute store designs that can have a great impact. 

5. ‘Thank You’ Demonstration Post-Checkout

It is one of the best ways to hook the customers to your site and greet them with a ‘Thank You’ before they exit the tab after purchase. You can integrate the best Shopify apps for setting up a ‘Thank You’ video or animation after a customer successfully places an order. With this demonstration, you can seek to earn the loyalty of your customers. 

And, when a little change to the store’s UI can bring in more repeat business, it is definitely a worthy consideration. There are various pre-developed applications on the official store, and you can also seek a custom app for it. 

6. Add Social Proof

You can consider adding social proof for the Shopify store, which is one of the integral ways for you to improve the overall design. Among the proficient tools out there, social proof will work well for building a bond of trust with your customers. Thus, when your store expands to acquire more sales and customers, the perks associated with using social proof might be even better. 

With respect to adding social proof, the select apps will be able to help you publish user-generated content, quality badges, reviews, and customer images with products. 

Parting Words

These are some of the ways in which you can use the dedicated apps to enhance the store design, allowing you to optimize the Shopify store and implement a professional appeal. This way, you will be invoking personalization to your store that aligns with the business needs and enhances the store experience. 

So, irrespective of whether you want to move ahead with a pre-developed app from the Shopify App Store, or want to create a custom one for improving your store design, do seek help from professional Shopify development services right away!