Three ways to do inbound marketing the right way

We have all heard about “inbound marketing” before. Over time, the concept of inbound marketing has grown like vines covering the whole of the area near them.

It is not just about the cost effective and easy to use nature of inbound marketing that makes it so spreadable. It is rather about creating specific quality content while targeting the specific quality audience.

The inbound marketing method takes the audience through certain stages, which is sometimes called – the buyer’s journey.

You firstly, target the potential clients and then you take them through a funnel, where you narrow down the possibilities to your product. The technique uses a particular method to draw in the potential customers rather than pushing the brand out onto them.

If your promotional content is combined with a proper inbound marketing strategy it can lead to skyrocketing conversions. Today we will learn three ways do this kind of marketing the right way.

Focus on quality of leads and not quantity

There is no point catering to all the leads you get. If you feel that the only purpose of inbound marketing is to generate leads, then maybe you are not doing it the right way. The right way to do it is to generate good quality leads. Now, to do that, you must draw out the general persona of your average customer and then inbound only those leads who match that persona as they will have a better chance to convert in the end.

This process is more efficient and less trouble. It will cut down your costs and better your performance. It may decrease your total number of leads because of segmentation but it will give you better quality and increase your conversion rates.

Give them an easy route to follow

Now when you already know the importance of quality leads, you must focus on increasing the quantity of quality leads. To increase their number, you must design an easy route for all your leads to follow. It shouldn’t be too complex that it makes them abandon the process in between.

Your lead conversion paths need to be be short, engaging and enticing. The path should consist of what you expect from your leads to do. Each prospect of the path needs to be clear and easily understandable. This can be done with proper laying of instructions and in between messaging. And once the path is closing to an end, you must remember to put up one of these three elements: 1) CTA: Call-to-action 2) Landing Page 3) Thank you page.

Post sale relationship and testimonials

Once you make a sale with your quality lead, it shouldn’t culminate your relationship with them. It can be a start of something new. Like, a continued relationship with them for future customer prospects or using their testimonies to attract more customers.

This stage in inbound marketing is called ‘Delight’. At this point, it is your duty to entice your customer by giving them special loyalty offers that will keep alive the interaction between you both. Eventually, you can ask the customers to testify for your product/services and broaden your customer base through them.

These are some ways that can help you do your inbound marketing the right way. Along with these you must keep your promotional content informative and recent to keep customer engagement active.

About the Author

Aditya has been working as a digital marketing expert and consultant for over 10 years. He has seen the world of internet marketing evolve from its infancy and has a strong grip on techniques and concepts that helps him provide the strongest solutions that provides measurable results. He lives & breathes marketing and likes to research and stay up to date on latest developments and techniques which makes him one of the best marketers around. Besides marketing, Adi likes to travel and spend quality time with friends and families and participates actively in adventure sports.