Incarnate in the US – Which States Have a Low Cost of Living?

The whole of the US is a place of opportunities and engulfs a vast treasure of peaceful living and better-earning options. However, the costs of living can vary widely from state to state. While some of the regions will provide great exposure to the bigger industry magnates, they will be expensive to survive in. In contrast, there are states that are perfect in delivering low-cost living conditions as well as reliable and vast employment options.

The following low-cost states to live in are determined by the Council for Community and Economic Research. The organization is responsible for handling living costs defining factors that rule out the best state to live in for their affordability.

One of the factors is also the purchasing power of an individual in the state. This is determined by the average income in the state and the purchases a person has to make that are affordable in that salary. And through this factor, the council has provided the following five states to be the best:


Mississippi is by far the best state to live for peace in affording the best things in life and a reliable income source. This is an all in all affordable state, including rent, homes, transportation, and groceries, and so on. The median household income is $45,792, and the average home price is $252,725. According to the cost of living Index report, that of Missippi’s is the most affordable, being 84.10. States crossing the 100 mark are considered expensive to live in.


The second most affordable state in the US is Oklahoma, with an average cost of living address falling at 88.09. Oklahoma car insurance minimum requirements are relatively low, mandating only a basic liability policy. The state brims with beautiful assets and destinations to call your home with natural to modern landscapes and lifestyle choices. You can find job opportunities in biotechnology and energy that are in demand. You will have a median household income of $54,449, and the average house price is only $285,750. Whether you choose a rural or urban area, you will be sure to make an affordable living here.


Tennessee is maybe the busiest state on this list. This makes it the best for employment and finding job opportunities in almost all industries. The state is also known for its really low cost of living, considering that transportation, healthcare, are especially on the lower side in the whole of the US. The average home price can mount up to $307,432 but are lower in several cities, including Johnson City and Clarksville. Expect a median household income to be $56,071. The average cost of living in Tennessee falls on the 89.49 radar.  If you move to Tennessee, you’re in for a lifetime of the cultural fest with good food and music to enjoy life affordably.


The best affordability aspects of the state of Arkansas are the low-cost transport to take you on nature observing adventures and health care. Aside from that, the Arkansas state offers the third-best average cost of living index of 89.10. The median household income is $48,925, and the average home price is $314,486. This makes the state a reliable place to settle down and start a family.


Though it may look like an expensive city with a vast stretch of buildings and luxurious lakes, the state of Missouri is far more affordable than the rest of the developed ones in the US. It’s astonishing to know that the average house price is just $284,492, the lowest in all of the US, making it the most affordable. Moreover, transpiration is exceedingly cheap in addition to healthcare and other important things. You can expect to have a median household income of $57,409 in the state of Missouri.

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