How to Increase Efficiency in the Workplace Using Automated Systems

In the office, the employer is concerned about the arrangement of the workplace, but employees do not often like their economical approach. Remembering how he had to sit on an uncomfortable chair in a noisy open space, a novice remote worker tries to close himself in a quiet office and buy himself a more expensive chair, and faster hardware. And that’s where most of the fantasy ends. But the issue of workplace preparation is much broader and very important for improving the efficiency of workers. Later, where the savings begin, there are even more expenses.

In this article, we are going to feature the benefits office workers can gain when applying electric actuator systems for office furniture. Current technological innovations continue to amaze with their ergonomic solutions and opportunities. The automated products and systems which have been considered something complicated and expensive enough, today are becoming absolutely accessible and affordable for customers with diverse needs and financial resources.

The purpose of a good workplace

Our regular workday in the office or from home typically lasts up to 6-8 hours, which is long enough to feel exhausted and tired. To make people feel better and more efficient during their working day, it’s essential to provide a body position that:

  • convenient in itself;
  • can be easily changed (if you do not change the position for a long time, everything becomes numb);
  • you can easily leave (it is recommended to warm up at least once an hour, and if it’s hard to get up, you just won’t force yourself to do it).

Office Chair Choice

Good office chair - posture
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The main task of the chair is to allow you to move close enough to the table (even at school it was recommended to leave no more than 8-10 cm between the body and the table), but not to let you relax in the wrong position. The main parameters of the chair:

  • Comfortable with back and lumbar support. Important: different postures need different lumbar support, so it’s really worth choosing a chair for yourself.
  • The angle of the backrest relative to the seat is about 110 degrees in the working position.
  • The edge of the chair should not put pressure on the thigh and pinch the vessels.
  • Not too high: The angle between the hip and knee at the back should be 95 degrees or more.
  • Armrests should provide support for the elbows in a relaxed state. This item can be replaced by a competent table cutout, however, in order not to pinch the vessels on the hands, the surface on which the elbows lie must be soft.


Different types of desks
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The desktop should be of sufficient area and at a comfortable height, which depends on the height and the chair. Some people prefer a straight edge of the table, some prefer curly cutouts, and for others, it is important to easily switch from sedentary work to standing from time to time, which is becoming more and more popular among IT workers.

Sedentary fatigue is actually due to the fact that everything is numb, as people who usually have too many tasks can sit on the computer for 2-4 hours without any break which is very dangerous in terms of back pain, headache, neck and shoulders strain, blood pressure problems, hemorrhoids and a lot of other widespread health troubles.

Up-to-date adjustable standing desks are the right solution in this case. Their special linear actuators inside of columns allow the workers to change the height of the desktop according to their preferences and physical body peculiarities. The system works very smoothly and seamlessly just by pressing the button on the control panel. You decide for yourself how often you want to sit and stand, but you will definitely feel the difference while working and will become more effective and quicker.

In general, the back will be grateful for regular breaks and the absence of a constant sedentary working process, especially before the deadline. Many fitness bracelets warn that you work sitting for more than an hour and it is worth going to warm up. Sedentary work causes irreparable harm, even if you then go in for sports. The human joints and circulatory system require you to move and sweat at least once a day.


Office lighting 399399
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Lighting in the workplace should help even out the contrast between the image on the monitor and the surrounding space. When working behind the monitor, there should be no bright light sources in the field of view when working at the monitor – the sun or lamps. If a table lamp is used, it must have a shade that protects the eyes. At night, it is worth turning on the backlight behind the monitor or the general light so that the monitor itself does not become this bright light source.

Although this does not directly apply to lighting, we must remember about gymnastics for the eyes – take breaks every 1-1.5 hours. During such breaks, you need to refocus your eyes from close to far distances.

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