12 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property with a Miter Saw

The single most valuable asset for most homeowners is their house. And they want to get as much profit as they can when they sell it. That means they have to figure out what renovations can increase the value of their properties.

However, most home renovation projects like adding an extension can be quite costly, especially since you will have to hire a professional. And for most homeowners, this isn’t worth the cost.

Fortunately, numerous small DIY home improvements that can increase the value of your property. These projects can be quite easy and affordable. So here are 12 ways you can increase your property’s value with an easy-to-use miter saw.

1. Build a New Kitchen Cabinet

One of the main rooms that can affect the price of a house is the kitchen. But since renovating the entire kitchen can be quite costly, you can start by replacing your old cabinets.

Besides increasing your kitchen storage space, a new and beautiful kitchen cabinet can improve your kitchen’s décor. Plus, with the many cabinets designing ideas in the market, you can find one that matches perfectly with your interior décor.

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2. Install Molding on Top of Your Plain Cabinets

If building a new cabinet is not an option, you can improve the overall looks of your dull one by adding molding. The molding can draw everyone’s attention upwards and make your cabinets stand out.

For this project, you can start by measuring the top-part of your wall cabinet and cut both ends of your molding at 45-degree angles. Nail it to the front part of the cabinet and then prepare the side moldings. Finally, you can glue the side moldings to the cabinet, and you are good to go.

3. Trim out Your Kitchen Cabinet Door

Decorative trims can make your normal cabinet doors look expensive. Just select your decorative molding trims. Cut the pieces of trims at 45-degree angles and attach them to your doors panels to create a rectangular design using a brad nail gun.

This inexpensive upgrade can improve the overall looks of your entire kitchen. You can also use a cordless pole saw for trimming wood easily.

4. Replace Your Kitchen’s Backsplash Tile

You can increase the value of your home by improving your kitchen’s décor. And what a better way to do this than replacing your old backsplash with a modern one! A new backsplash that matches your countertops can give the kitchen a modern look.

This project can be quite challenging for a beginner. You can start by removing the old backsplash from your wall and then layout your tiles with spacers. Remember, you can cut the tiles using a miter saw and make sure they fit. A normal miter saw blade was not meant to cut tiles, so you will have to replace your current blade with a diamond or carbide one.

5. Install a Wooden Kitchen Floor

Rustic kitchen ideas are quite common, and they are the best way to increase the value of your house. Wooden floors can be quite costly, but they can change the overall décor of your home.

For this project, you need high-quality hardwood. You can make repetitive cuts using a miter saw before installing the floor. Just make sure they are all the same size before staining them.

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6. Crown Molding

Other than framing all the rooms, beautiful crown moldings can improve the overall appeal of your house. It can also hide all the cracks and irregularities on that part of the wall.

To install a crown molding, you should start by measuring your wall and mark it on your molding. Cut one end of the two moldings that will merge at the corners at a 45-degrees angle using a miter saw and install them using screws or nails. For perfect cuts, make sure you use a miter jig.

7. Add Wainscoting to the Walls

If you are comfortable with your miter saw, you can install wainscoting in your home. Wainscoting adds dimension and interest to any room. This is one upgrade that will increase your home’s resale value. So, make sure you measure carefully and install the wainscoting correctly. If there is any imperfection on the base, you can hide it with a base molding.

8. Book Ledges and Knick-Knack Shelves

Normal shelves can provide extra storage spaces, but beautifully designed shelves like the knick-knack shelves and book ledges can attract a buyer. These shelves will ensure that your home will not be sold at a lower price. So, instead of using bookshelves in your home, why don’t you install book ledges?

Book ledges are unique, and they cannot be tipped over like bookshelves. For this project, you need a miter saw, wood boards, table saw, wood glue, screw, and tape measure.

Start by slicing your board into two equal sizes. One will be for the bottom while the other will be for the back. Assemble the two pieces before finally adding the front part to create a ledge that you will attach to your wall. You can also add knick-knack shelves for storing your trophies.

9. Install a New Fence

Fences are inexpensive and convenient projects that can yield a robust return on investment. A well-designed wooden wall can improve the overall appeal of your property.

Look for a perfect wooden fence design and then using a miter saw cut equal length pieces of woods. You can add some unique decorative cutouts on your pieces of wood before finally erecting the new fence.

10. Build a Garden Closet

A garden shed is perfect for spacious backyards, while garden closets are ideal for smaller ones. A garden closet takes up less space, and it increases the general appeal of your compound.

A garden closet will store most of your gardening tools and keep them well-organized. These closets have three parts: doors, walls, and the roof. And the best tool for cutting the several equal-sized pieces of wood is a miter saw.

11. Install or Replace Your Old Vinyl Siding

Other than beautifying your home, a vinyl siding can increase the value of your property. Vinyl siding can hide your unpainted walls and make your property stand out in the neighborhood. When cutting the siding, you can use a chop saw or a miter saw. Chop saws can only handle 90-degrees cuts, while miter saws can make 45-degree angles cuts. So the best tool for creating complex cuts that will leave your siding looking perfect is a miter saw.

12. Build a Modern Wooden Deck

An outdoor deck is an essential part of any modern home. It is a perfect place where you can entertain your friends or relax on a sunny day. So, if you have a small backyard for a patio, you can build a wooden deck instead. A deck is a relaxing outdoor porch that extends from your house, and it takes less space than a patio.

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